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How To Reduce Wrinkling on Abdomen That Has Stretch Marks and Two C Section Scars

My stretch marks are 14 years old i am 33 years old i have had two c sections and the more weight i lose the wrinklier my skin appears on my stomach.... READ MORE

Not Enough Tightening and Skin Removal from Tummy Tuck?

I am 48 yrs old and have had 5 full term births. I am 5'9" tall and weigh about 140 lbs. I had a full tummy tuck on 2/2/09, mainly because the skin... READ MORE

What Procedure or Product Will Benefit Removing Wrinkly Skin and Sagging Stomach? Age 27 Female (photo)

I am 27 and I have had 2 live babies born (ages 2 and 5) and 1 still birth as a teen at week 23. I am 5'2'' and 115lbs. I am active and at... READ MORE

I Had an Abdominoplasty Recently and I Have Wrinky Skin Around the Scar

I had an abdominoplasty on dec/14. My skin got tight but I see wrinkly skin near the scar. I feel like if the skin is being held by something so i... READ MORE

How much wrinkling and loose skin will remain after umbilical hernia and diastasis repair surgery? (photo)

Prior to the surgery I only had a little loose skin near my belly button when I leaned forward. Im 5'1 - 91lbs. I had first been told that I only... READ MORE

Has Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck gone wrong?? (photos)

Is this a tummy tuck gone wrong. I was under the impression that I was going for an abdominoplasty. But post OP it looked like a mini TT. The skin is... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the excess skin above my bellybutton to get a completely flat stomach? (Photo)

I am 27yrs old and I have had two children (one is 6yrs old the other is 20 months old). Before pregnancy I had a very flat and tight stomach. Since... READ MORE

Should Belly Button Wrinkle with Compression Garment?

I had a tummy tuck 5 weeks ago and I wear my compression garment day & night as instructed by doctor. Garment type is the one that covers your... READ MORE

Smart Lipo, Lipo Sculpture or a Tummy Tuck! Need Help? What's Best? (photo)

I am 21, 2children, 172cm tall, 68kg, 2-2.5cm diastisis recti. Wondering if lipo will cause severe wrinkly and loose skin on me as a surgeons... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks after having a tummy tuck & my tummy is still wrinkly looking. Will it tighten? (Photo)

My PS says the skin will tighten but doesn't sound convincing also my belly button is sticking out will it push in during time ? READ MORE

Should I have gone for a full tummy tuck and not a mini tummy tuck? (Photo)

I am 36 have 3 children but my tummy never went back flat, I am small built 125 pounds 5ft 3 1/2 inc . I had a mini tt 3 weeks ago I understand the... READ MORE

8 weeks OP from lipo and tummy tuck, will my skin smooth out?x

8 weeks OP from lipo and tummy tuck skin still wrinkling even when standing it's still wrinkly, seems as when the swelling goes down it becomes more... READ MORE

Does my tummy tuck scar look normal? Why do I have wrinkling lines on each side? Will they go away? (Photo)

I just want to stop worrying about those lines that I have going on around the incisions from both sides. My PS said they would go away with Time but... READ MORE

2 months post op liposuction/tummy tuck, I feel bloated and there are wrinkles skin around the belly button. Is that normal?

I have had a tummy tuck plus liposuction for 2 month I feel bloated and it looks like I'm pregnant . Especially when I sleep, bend, and sit down my... READ MORE

Are there any methods to minimize scars from Tummy Tucks? Or is there a method that will not leave a scar? (photo)

I am mom of 4, the little one is 4 months old now. The skin on my belly is so wrinkled, especially around my belly button and there is a lot of... READ MORE

At this point I'm almost positive that I'll have to have another procedure. Will it be another mini or full tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had my mini tummy tuck at the beginning of September. Considering it was not a full abdominoplasty I didn't think I'd have to have it re-done. I... READ MORE

Wrinkled skin after surgery be treated with creams or should more skin be removed? (photo)

I have a 12cm diastsis with excess skin only once the diastsis has been fixed. Surgeon told me that due to my skin being stretched for my 6 month... READ MORE

What do I need to do to get rid of this type of skin? (photos)

I had a 8lb baby & my skin on my stomach is now loose and wrinkly. I try to work out but I feel its not going to get rid of this ugly skin. I'm not... READ MORE

Is there a procedure for thin mom to correct minimal skin laxity, some wrinkling, and a slight bulge after child birth? (photo)

I had my son two years ago and although I am back to my pre-baby weight, my stomach just doesn't look like it used to (123 lbs/5'4). Mainly I have... READ MORE

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