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My Incision is Opening at 19 Days Post Operation with White Pus and Now White Cream Cheese Look Inside the Wound? (photo)

It started at PO day 17 with a little white stringy pus coming out and now two days later it is a white cream cheese looking substance in the incision... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago and my belly button doesn't look like it's healing. It's white. Is this normal or not? (Photo)

Hi I had a tummy tuck on july 15 and my belly button just don't look like it healing it's white looking can some Dr tell me if this is normal or not... READ MORE

What is this white tissue coming out of my belly button? (Photo)

I had a Full TT 6 weeks ago. Belly button is still draining and now some red bulging tissue with a thick white strand in middle has emerged. If I pull... READ MORE

How long until scar is white?

It's almost 2 months and my scar is still quite red. I'm causation and I also had lipo. Still feeling the lipo on my back and sides. Sometimes itches.... READ MORE

I am 14 days Post op. My belly button is white and cloudy on the inside? (photo)

It drains reddish fluid but does not have an order. I am concerned that my belly button is not healing properly. I am 14 days PO and have had 3 follow... READ MORE

(Tummy Tuck) Is this normal healing or the beginning stages of an infection? (photos)

I'm 2 weeks post op tummy tuck and noticed what looks like a small opening near the most center portion of my incision . It does not have a foul odor... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat necrosis? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I have developed necrosis around 8 dpo and by putting peroxide wet to dry gauze 3 times a day from 18dpo all black scabs are gone now... READ MORE

A small hole in my tummy tuck scar. (photos)

I have a little hole on my tummy tuck scar and i am so worried. The nurse of my doctor said that maybe my body spit a stitch . She said that i should... READ MORE

I'm scared to have drains removed. Should the Dr do it or not?

I'm scared to have drains removed. I am still draining & it fluctuates for no reason. I have 1 drain: 20CC with yellow fluid w white clumps, thd other... READ MORE

A small white plastic thing coming out of my incision. Are they going to dissolve or do I have to have them removed?

After my tummy tuck, there was a small white plastic thing coming out of my incision. Now I'm three months out, and I feel s lot of the plastic things... READ MORE

Could I have a Seroma 2 years after my Tummy Tuck? It's white as if there is liquid and it's painful.

Had a tummy tuck 2 years ago since the 1st month i had a bump by my belly button n a stain on my skin shape like a map. This stain has grown n when u... READ MORE

Tummy tuck incision opening, white inside! HELP (photos)

This started about 2 weeks ago and looks bigger each day. My doctor doesnt seem concerwd and has me cleaning the area twice a day, pat dry, apply... READ MORE

Is this belly button normal? I have a little white tissue looking thing coming out of my belly button. (photos)

I got my tummy tuck with muscle repair September 29th 2016. For the most part I'm happy with it but I'm worried about the belly button and my belly is... READ MORE

Possible infection? (photos)

I will be five weeks post up tomorrow and a few days ago after a shower I lost a scab. Under was this whitish yellow color issue. It does not hurt and... READ MORE

Why is there a large area that looks open and has a white mass? Is this normal after a tummy tuck? (Photos)

I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op from a TT and Breast lift and enhancement. After removing gauze and tape to replace it at my TT incision, since it was... READ MORE

My incision seems to be opening and has white? This does not seem normal! Any feedback would be appreciated (Photo)

Im 16 days post op tummy tuck and muscle tightening. And my incision seems to be opening and has white? it is still draining a little, and I'm... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op TT, belly button is leaking clear liquid and is white. Is this normal? (photo)

I feel concerned and worried of how this looks is it normal plus my belly button is leaking clear liquid i am almost 3 weeks out READ MORE

White bump on tummy tuck incision. What can it be? Should I worry? (Photo)

This morning I noticed a white looking bump on my tummy tuck insicion and later on in the after noon it had popped. A little liquid is still coming... READ MORE

Wound healing- white layer and opening wound (Photo)

Hello-I am three weeks postop tomorrow and I have several areas on my suture line that are having difficulties. One is splitting and has a whole, the... READ MORE

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