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How Long Post-Tummy Tuck Can I Start Using Vit E on my Skin?

I had a tummy tuck yesterday and with all the harsh soap and the binder the skin above the incisions are dry and itchy... I was wondering if I can use... READ MORE

Vitamin A and E Intake Before Tummy Tuck?

My tummy tuck is 2 days away. I was directed to take iron supplements and eat iron-rich foods due to my HG levels(11.6) Ht (34.9). I purchased Total... READ MORE

Does Massaging Your Tummy Tuck Incision Through Your Binder Help It Heal by Blood Flow?

My doctor told me to start massaging with vitamin e oil after 4 weeks to help with the scarring. My surgery was 2 weeks ago, would it help at all to... READ MORE

I feel popping when I massage my scar. Is this scar tissue, or is it internal incision stitches?

5 weeks post tt, today. While massaging my scar with Vitamin E, I felt several pops. I was left feeling a bit tender in places, almost like I will be... READ MORE

Does Vitamin E Tablets Help with Knot in Tummy Tuck Incision?

I am 7 weeks po from abdominoplasty and breast aug. Along my suture line I developed internal knots, probably sutures that haven't dissolved yet.... READ MORE

Why is my tummy tuck scar not fading?

I'm very concerned about the scaring I did the tummy tuck to wear bikinis but I can't very frustrated. I've had no follow ups with my surgeon due to... READ MORE

Tummy tuck post surgery questions. When can I start scar therapy? Can I use vitamin E supplements? (Photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with lip and muscle tightening April 12. Saw my PS after surgery and today (April 29). I still have tape on my incision. I was... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck 1 year ago after having twins 13 years ago and now I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Are stretch marks inevitable now?

If I only gain baby weight in the belly and I use all the oils and take vitamin e and drink plenty of water can stretch marks and loose skin be... READ MORE

Almond milk and Tummy tuck?

I read the carton and it said almond milk has 50% vitamin E in it ! Can I still consume this milk is it safe , I enjoy it as a shake . READ MORE

What can I use to diminish my tummy tuck scar?

Does Vit E ointment work? Cocoa butter? I'm only 8 days post-op. READ MORE

My mother had a tummy tuck. can she take vitamin supplements that have 12% of vitamin E?

Her doctor told her she could take any vitamins except vitamin E. however, that was very hard to find a multi vitamin with no Vitamin E. Is it OK for... READ MORE

Is it ok to have vitamin e in your diet before tummy tuck?

I am scheduled for surgery in one week. I was told today to increase protein and stop taking my vitamins. I drink slim fast to get the extra protein,... READ MORE

I just had a tummy tuck a week ago. Can I take vitamins e?

I just had a tummy tuck a week ago and I was wondering if is ok to take vitamins E? READ MORE

6 weeks post op and my incision is leaking, do I need to see my doctor right away? (Photos)

I am 6 weeks post op from a tummy tuck. I have this area that is red and irritated. My surgeon is on vacation and has a PA filling in for him. I saw... READ MORE

Vitamin E and surgery?

Im taking a vogel menopause support supplle ment and green lipped mussel tablets is it okay to take as due to have eye surgery and tummy tuck in a... READ MORE

Your thoughts on silicone strips versus massaging bio oil, vitamin E etc? (Photo)

Do the silicone strips make a difference in the healing of the scar as are they worth the investment? Would love the brands you recommend also. My... READ MORE

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