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How Does Marijuana Affect Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Will marijuana/THC affect the Tummy Tuck surgery or anesthesia? I have heard this and I was curious. I'm not a user but I want to know from a... READ MORE

Smoking Marijuana After Tummy Tuck

I recently had a Tummy Tuck where my Doctor said i didn't need any Muscle work done, cause i was already in great shape, just had loose skin. This... READ MORE

Smoking Weed 1.5 Weeks Post Tummy Tummy Damaging?

Will Smoking Weed One Time,one Anf 1/2 Weeks After a Tummytuck Affect You? READ MORE

Can I Smoke Marijuana After my Tt and Bbl?

I just had a tt and bbl 2 1/2 weeks ago and I would like to know if smoking marijuana affects my healing process. I been a smoker of weed fr a yr know... READ MORE

Is it alright to use a vaporizer for weed a week after a tummy tuck?

I know that smoking can hinder the healing process so I'm not going to do that, but will using a vaporizer have the same negative effects? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Smoke Marijuana 5 Weeks After TT?

I had a full tt on feb 3 2012 its been almost five weeks is it safe to smoke marijuana with out affectibg the results of my tt READ MORE

Can I have edible marijuana after a tummy tuck and bbl?

My doctor already told me I shouldn't smoke, which I understand but can I still get stoned READ MORE

Why is my upper abdomen so hard and tender? (photo)

I'm 6 months post op TT and flank Lipo. In still tender (sometime severe with touch) and swollen,I guess, above my bb. I can feel that my sutures did... READ MORE

Is it safe to ingest edible forms of marijuana after a tummy tuck?

I'm post op 1 week and just curious if I eat a marijuana cookie, can it cause harm to the healing of my surgery. I do understand smoking cigarettes... READ MORE

Smoking before and after tummy tuck?

I'm getting a tummy tuck May 8th, 2017 but I just stopped smoking marijuana just 2 weeks ago, i am going to have complications with my surgery? when... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck 3 yrs. ago. 6 months ago I started draining a clear, odorless fluid from my belly button that does not stop.

Is my surgeon correct that the drainage and lack of healing is due to my smoking pot for my anxiety, that he said he was not worried about that when I... READ MORE

Smoked marijuana once 3 weeks before Tummy tuck surgery. Should I be concerned?

Hello, my tummy tuck is in 2 weeks. I am not a marijuana smoker but, tried it once due to a Migraine 3 weeks before surgery. Will this be an issue... READ MORE

Marijuana usage for post operative pain relief after full tummy tuck?

I am going for a full tummy tuck, muscle repair for a diastatis recti in March. I'm in Colorado where it's legal. I have never tried marijuana but I... READ MORE

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