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Will Smoking Marijuana Affect Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Will smoking marijuana a week before surgery affect being put under? I suffer from chronic headaches and I'm not a normal full time user of marijuana,... READ MORE

How long should headaches last after TT?

I'm about 2wks3days post tt about a week in i notice at least twice a day i would have a mild migraine, Tylenol helps and I have since my surgeon and... READ MORE

Spinal headache after tummy tuck

My headache is excruciating and I'm wondering how long it will last. READ MORE

I Had a TT 3 Weeks Ago and All is Well, but I Wake Up Most Days with a Headache and Dehydrated

I do not have a temperature and the scar is healing well. I am unable to sleep in my bed but am comfortable with head and legs propped up on the... READ MORE

Headaches Worse Than Tummy Tuck Pain?

10 days post op and have had to take miaragine pills 2 a day. Headaches are worse when laying down, light sensitivity, brain pressure-sinuse pressure... READ MORE

Why would I have a non stop headache and flu like feeling 11 weeks post tummy tuck? Wound opened and infection? (photo)

Is that why? I was recovering I thought great till 4 weeks when my wound opened...infection, antibiotics ( not on now) and 3 debridements followed.... READ MORE

Any contraindication w/Headaches & anesthesia?

In my 20s I had migraines. 3 yrs ago, last yr of RN school & giving birth, I started to get HA. School is over, I work & I still get HA. Neuro said no... READ MORE

Can tummy tuck surgery cause headaches?

Since tummy tuck surgery I have been getting the worst headache during orgasm. I am hoping this is temporary but I am starting to get concerned. READ MORE

Muscle Repair Revision. Scared of headaches again from narcotics? (photo)

Two questions really, I am having a second tummy tuck (revision of muscle repair) on January 17th to pull my muscles tighter so that I no longer have... READ MORE

High pulse, diarrhea, headache, helplessness and regret 4 days post op Tummy Tuck. (photos)

I'm feeling bummed. The pain was terrible and now its mostly discomfort and tightness of course. My pulse rate has never come down from 120 since I... READ MORE

Drain fluid dark and bloody after 7 days and horrible headaches at night, is this normal or not?

I am 7 days post-op from TT surgery and my drainage fluid is still very dark and bloody looking, though output is down somewhat. Plus, at night I am... READ MORE

I'm experiencing frequent throbbing headaches after having a tummy tuck.

I'm 4 days post-op but the headaches have been happening so since day 3. I am wondering if I'm wearing my compression garment too tight. READ MORE

I'm 2 months post tummy tuck and still have swelling, especially at night. Is this normal? (Photo)

About 2 months ago that made me a tummy tuck but I still have a lot of swelling more at night use the belt but nothing more until the night and not... READ MORE

How long does inflammation (water retention) last after a Tummy tuck w/ lipo of the flanks?

I recently got a TT and lipo (4 days ago). My tummy tuck wasn't a perfect experience. The PS only put in one drain. Im not sure if this is normal.... READ MORE

Headache 2 weeks after tummy tuck.

I have been doing great recovering from my tummy tuck done 2 weeks ago except that last night I woke up with a horrible Headache. Usually i take... READ MORE

Fever and headaches after tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

I'm 15 days po op tummy tuck, last three days I got fever, temperature and headache only in evenings plus I still cant stand still and only short walk... READ MORE

When can I start drinking coffee again?

I had tt, bbl and lipo in March 15,2016. I was told not to drink coffee. Am staring to get headaches, no migraines yet. When can I start drinking... READ MORE

13 days post op, I had sever pain around belly bottom and on the wound. I have headache and pain. Is this normal?

Hi Doctors, it's been 13 days since my tummy tuck surgery. On day 12 everything was perfect, I felt like I had not have surgery before, I could walk... READ MORE

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