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How to Treat Spitting Sutures And/or Suture Granuloma when You Cant Get Back to the Surgeon? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op Full TT, flank lipo, BA/BL and very happy with results - unfortunately traveling M to F for work. How can I care for spitting... READ MORE

Can Stitch Granulomas Heal Without Being Surgically Removed?

HX-MRSA abscess post op abdominoplasty. Several rounds bactrim ds. PMHX-healthy, nonsmoker, nondiabetic 18 weeks post op 2 stitch granulomas-can they... READ MORE

Granuloma 4 weeks post op tummy tuck – any input?

I had my tummy tuck four weeks ago. My lower incision is doing well but my belly button is slow due to the granuloma. Any advice is most welcome. READ MORE

Suture granuloma after Tummy Tuck 8 years ago. If it is repaired, will it happen again?

I had a TT 8 years ago w/muscle repair. 2 years after, a small lump developed next to my belly button. It has steadily grown & very painful. In... READ MORE

I have had 6 surgeries to remove granulomas, is this typical with Monocryl?

I had a medical necessary tummy tuck since the surgery 2 years ago I have had 6 additional surgeries to remove . suture granulomas The sutures... READ MORE

Follow-up: I had one surgeon do BR. It was medical necessity. I paid cash for my TT MR (Photo)

My surgeon called them lots of things Lipomas Grauloma suture scar tissue I have had 4 big ones removed and still very many Im 6 months post we have... READ MORE

What are my options to flatten my abdomen and remove the granulation tissue?

I had a drain put in to deal with a seroma after a tummy tuck without abdominal lipo. At some point, I felt a hard lump around the drain's point of... READ MORE

Possible Pyogenic granuloma-belly button. 22 days post tummy tuck and lipo of flanks (Photo)

Have you seen this in your practice ? is it that common? What are the treatment options. My PS has been great he instantly called me once he knew and... READ MORE

A 5 mm granuloma is forming in the superior aspect of my new belly button 6 weeks after abdominoplasty? (Photos)

Granuloma forming in superior aspect of belly button six weeks after abdominoplasty. I don't have any s/sx of infection, can't see a foreign object... READ MORE

9 mths PO TT/MR I had granulomas 4 bigs ones removed at 5 mths. I have more of these 3 different rounds of steroid shot. (photo)

I have very hard lumps I had full TT MR my side scars are fine and as belly button but I have had 4 large granulomas removed at 5 months now I have... READ MORE

Circumferential TT 3 months post Dr. says I have a granuloma, will I have a hard time healing from this removal? (photos)

Finally healed up from tissue been compromised, except I have a hard knot around incision scar. I saw ps & he said is agranuloma that needs to be... READ MORE

5 month post op from 360 abdominoplasty. (Photos)

I'm about to have suture granuloma excision in 1,wk & was wondering how long to heal since I still have to do abdomen liposuction And wd like to... READ MORE

9 granulomas after TT. I started antibiotics and celebrex. Which one works the best? No permanent stitches were used (Photo)

I had 4 removed at 5 months and 5 more at ten months horrible reactions around them feeling like splinters surgeon never has seen this before he... READ MORE

Hard lumps 11 po TT MR. He removed 4 granulomas at 5 months po. Can he cut across mons to get the ones on MR out? (Photo)

I had 4 large granulomas he said was encapsized at 5 months. I have many more (6) very hard lumps I heard him say he didnt want to be chasing them... READ MORE

Granulomas intra abdominal wall 5 month after surgery , Its dangerous?

5 months after abdominoplasty it appear granulomas in the intra abdominal wall sutures , several from top inside and below the belly button, the... READ MORE

Granulomas 9 months post Tummy Tuck 3 rounds of steriods more over mons area. Several already removed from surface deeper ones

He told me my upper muscles he used permanment stitches above belly but below all dissolvable used I had 3 rounds of multiple steriod shots. I still... READ MORE

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