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Does Sneezing or Coughing Affect Tummy Tuck Sutures?

How does coughing or sneezing affect one's sutures after a Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Can the Tightened Muscles of a Tummy Tuck Come Loose?

I was wondering if the muscles that are tightened in the abdomen can come loose? And if so what would it feel like? I had my tummy tuck 10 days ago... READ MORE

Gushing Blood from Belly Button? (photo)

Hello, I had my tummy tuck 3wks and 4 days ago. I caught a cold and have been coughing and sneezing pretty badly. Late last night I coughed and heard... READ MORE

Would It Be Obvious if You Ripped a Suture from You Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair?

I had my TT on Nov 21 and about 1 week after than I developed a cough and have been coughing ever since, it's finally now going away. I've... READ MORE

Really Bad Cough 1 Week Post-Op TT, Now BB is Really Swollen, Should I Be Concerned?

I have not worn compression garments as my PS doesn't use them it was a full TT no lipo and my BB is now swollen and feels tender no redness is... READ MORE

Will a Cough Cause Muscle Spasms After TT? Is This Normal?

I am four week post-op from a total hysterectomy & full tummy tuck. I had a weekly follow-up with plastic surgeon for the first 3 weeks. My next... READ MORE

Do I have to undergo a reparative surgery to correct a broken stitch after my diastasis recti repair and tummy tuck? (photo)

I have definitely broken a suture in my upper abdomen 2 1/2 weeks after my diastasis recti repair and tummy tuck. I have developed a cold at week two... READ MORE

Lot of Coughing After a Full TT; Bulge at Upper Abdomen, Causes?

I had lot of cough after my full tummy tuck .how to find if my stiches are all ok and not broken.can muscles get tighten in any other way except tummy... READ MORE

Can A Bad Cough 4 Months Post-Op Do Any Danger To Tummy Tuck?

I am almost 4 months post-op, all has been well. In the last couple days I got a horrible cough, ugh! My stomach has been very sore and I can't... READ MORE

I am 4.5 months post op from a full TT with muscle repair. Could the muscle repair be failing? (photos)

Hello, I had the flu and a sinus infection a few weeks ago that involved some intense coughing. The cough was very painful in my abdomen, and I... READ MORE

Coughing Pain 5 Days Post TT?

I am post tt day 5 and all seems to be going good. When does it stop hurting like holy hell to cough? READ MORE

How can I tell if the MR in my TT has not been successful or has been damaged? (photo)

I have coughed, sneezed, and laughed, and done everything possible to not do all those things but unfortunately at the time they were unpreventable. I... READ MORE

Could coughing too much damage my tummy tuck results?

Hi! I had a tummy tuck 10 days ago and I have been coughing a lot for the last 2 days. The doctor recommended to take cough drops and robitussin to... READ MORE

10 days post op Tummy Tuck, how likely it is that I may have popped an internal stitch?

However in the last couple of days I have sneezed and coughed hard, all of which I've been very careful in doing and still hold my abdomen. There have... READ MORE

2 Years After Abdominoplasty and Still Hurts to Cough. Is This Normal?

I had a fairly easy recovery from my TT 2 years ago, but experienced some sharp pains when coughing/sneezing at my post op. at 6 months. At the time,... READ MORE

8 weeks since my extended full Tummy Tuck and Liposuction and now have bronchitis and coughing.

8 weeks since my extended full Tummy Tuck and Lipo. I have bronchitis and horrible cough and having extreme in my abdomen with every cough. Went to DR... READ MORE

Coughing 3 days post tummy tuck op. Could it cause damage?

I am 3 days post op tummy tuck. everything looks good and I am finally starting to feel better. Tonight I chocked on some water. The pain in my tummy... READ MORE

Could I have pulled out my muscle sutures? (photos)

I heard a pop this morning while holding my baby. There's no pain but i notice i bulge on the right side of my navel. My tummy tuck is 7 days po. I... READ MORE

Hard sore lumps on my incision line. Have I damaged my results by laughing, coughing and sneezing?

I'm so scared I have damaged my TT. I have had a few coughs and sneezing. But worst of all I have been laughing. Can this damage my TT? I now feel... READ MORE

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