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Can Stitches on Muscle Repair Be Torn by Coughing?

I had prolonged cough the day of tummy tuck and mascle repair surgery. Pain was unbearable, but my concern was that stitches would be ripped. I had... READ MORE

How to Tell if Popped Stitches After Tummy Tuck?

I popped three stitches at the top of me abdomen?! What is this doing to my abdominoplasty outcome. I had surgery on18th and two days later I coughed... READ MORE

I Have a Mild Productive Cough, Tummy Tuck in 3 Days! Should I Reschedule Surgery?

I have been coughing over a week now with a sore throat , it was bad and it felt like I was coughing up my toenails, cough is productive clear and now... READ MORE

I Am 9 Weeks Postpop After TT And Muscle Repair. Heard Popping After Coughing- Did I Damage Results?

I am 9 weeks post op and had a pretty hard cough today. I felt/heard a pretty pig popping sound in the lower left corner of my abdomen. I am an ICU... READ MORE

Will my Cough Compromise my Results?

I had a tummy tuck nearly 3 weeks ago and have developed a bad cough and cold. I'm trying my hardest not to cough but I'm worried I may have... READ MORE

What should I do about a cough and phlegm during first week after tummy tuck? (photo)

Cough and phlegm in the chest and throat in the first week Of my tummy tuck and now I don't know what to do the nurse told me Clean the wound with... READ MORE

Can I use Mucinex DM for cough after Tummy Tuck?

I am 8 days post op ( Tummy Tuck) I have mucus in my throat and I feel that I need to cough. Actually I coughed last night and I had so much pain. I... READ MORE

Is this type of healing normal only 8 days post op? (Photo)

Hi, 8 days post op from a full TT with muscle repair. I stopped my pain meds at day 2 as I have a high threshold. When I coughed, laughed or sneezed... READ MORE

It Still Hurts to Cough, Sneeze, Vomit 1 Year After Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo...should I Be Concerned?

It still hurts to cough, sneeze,vomit one year after a full tummy tuck with lipo....the center of abdomen above and below navel seems a little... READ MORE

I Am Postoperative Abdominoplasty 7 Days the Day I Had Surgery I Vomited and Had a Few Coughs and Felt Sharp Pains in my Abdomen

To the right of my umbilical is more swollen the the left. Do u think I tore my sutures by coughing? READ MORE

Way to Prevent Bronchial Asthma After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Every time I have surgery I get severe bronchial asthma, and no I don't have asthma. I'm scheduled for a Tummy Tuck on the 26th of July, and... READ MORE

I had my Tummy Tuck on 2/6/14. How long does it take for wounds to heal?

W lipo on love handles .after two days I started a cough not to aggressive but a little then I stated to drain from belly button so my dr say to... READ MORE

6 months after Tummy Tuck, I cough and my upper stomach hurts. Is this normal?

Every time I cough or breath in deep my upper stomach hurts . I had my tummy tuck in Feb , I also feel pain if I lay on my stomach . Just recently... READ MORE

Cough and sneazing ! TTuck 2 month post op! It will damage my muscle wall repair?

I'm taking meds but it's a constant cough bc of sinus allergy . I'm worry to disrupt my healing of my TTuck . Should I worry on this stage ? A little... READ MORE

I had a coughing fit in the first week of TT. Is it possible that I might have ruptured my stitches?

Day5 PO TT & MR I was taking my medications & gagged & had a coughing fit - immediately I felt my muscles cramping & burning like fire in middle of... READ MORE

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