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How Long After a Tummy Tuck is It Normal to Have a Bowel Movement?

I went through my tummy tuck feb 4th and have a lot of gurgling in my tummy but i have not been able to have a bowel movement. I've been eating a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Result Ruined from Straining on my First Bowel Movement in a Week?

I am freaking out, i had a tummy tuck 1 week ago, and i strained somewhat while going to the bathroom, since the pain meds have made me constipated... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Diminish Tummy Tuck Results by Pushing to Hard to Have a BM After?

I was wondering if it was possible to diminish the results of a tummy tuck by pushing to hard to have a BM? I was told by my ps to either push against... READ MORE

Normal to Feel a Knot on Top of Belly, Below Breast Bone?

Last night I took colace and drunk prune juice which resulted in horrible cramps in having a bowel movement which also made me super nauseous. I ended... READ MORE

How to resolve an ongoing constipation problem after Tummy Tuck?

I had my TT 7 days ago today, and yesterday I was finally able to have a bowel movement after 6 days of horrible pain trying to pass it. I finally... READ MORE

I Am Afraid That I Might Have Torn the Stiches from Overeating and Filling my Tummy Too Much?

When I left the hospital, my stomach was flat and after a day or 2 I started feeling really full like my stomach was going to explode. I also had the... READ MORE

Have I Compromised my Sutters from Tummy Tuck (9 Days Post Op) After Straining with a Bowel Movement? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck 9 days ago. I had a strenuous bowel movement which resulted in a great deal of pushing. After the bowel movement, I removed my... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about pressure & weird feeling around my belly button? Besides massaging, what else should I do? (photo)

I had a TT Jan. 12, 2015 with muscle repair. Around week 2 I had a bad bad bad bowel movement that an enima couldn't even help. Eventually I finally... READ MORE

Panniculectomy vs Tummy Tuck for me after 3 C-sections, a set of twins and I need hernia repair? (photos)

I have been doing research on both panniculectomy vs tummy tuck my situation 44 yr olds, mom of 5, 3 c-section, set of twins i have a hernia, which is... READ MORE

No Bowel Movement 4week Post Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck, muscle tightened and herbnia repair 4 weeks ago and have not had bowel movement without the aid of senna based laxitives. I eat a... READ MORE

How Long Till You Have a Bowel Movement After a Tummy Tuck? My Last BM;monday the 16th Surgery Was17th?

My last bm was Monday the 16 th and my surgery was the 17th and today is the 19 th and I still haven't hada bm should I be worried? READ MORE

I had a full tummy tuck 13 months ago. I'm 44 years old, 3 kids. Numbness and trouble with BMs. What can I do?

I even did a 10 Day deep cellular cleanse which gave me my energy back and other great things but still struggling w regular bms. Any suggestions? Dr.... READ MORE

Is Gas-x ok to take after a TT?

My sister is 3 days post op and still hasn't had a bowel movement. We have tried a laxative and stool softener. What is the next best option? She also... READ MORE

I am having a TT in March of 2014, can ANYONE tell me if I will need someone to wipe myself after using the bathroom?

I am scheduled to have a TT in 3/14 and am very concerned about if I am going to have to have my husband have to be the one to do this awful deed?... READ MORE

When do patients of tummy tucks generally have their first bowel movement?

When do patients of tummy tucks generally have their first bowel movement? It is my night of day 1 post op & all I have is gas. I have Crohn's disease... READ MORE

I am 4 months past my tummy tuck and wonder if I should be concerned about changed bowel movements?

I am 4 months past my tummy tuck. Happy with the way I look. But my concern is my bowel movements. My stools are much smaller (Like a french fry where... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck day 4, what can I expect? (photos)

I have had a full tummy tuck on the 10th February its now the 13th February. I have had to get up and when I do I become dizzy and my blood pressure... READ MORE

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