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I Was Wondering is It Normal for the Exterior of my Vaginal Lips to Be Swollen After Having a Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy Tuck with Lipo of my sides 6 days ago. I had a Catheter inserted in my Vagina for 24 Hours after surgery. I currently have a very tight... READ MORE

I Just Had Got a Tummy Tuck Yesterday, I'm Very Sore but Today I'm Starving. What Can I Eat?

What should I eat and being that I got a tummy tuck can I eat whatever I want??? READ MORE

When can I take Phentermine after a tummy tuck ?

I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck on March the 24th! I gained 8lbs after binge eating prior to my surgery coming Monday March 24th. I'm thinking about... READ MORE

I Am 8 Hrs. Post-op. Would It Be Okay Not to Take Pain Med Nucynta? I Don't Like the Way Pain Meds Make Me Feel. (photo)(

TT today at 7:45 AM. I've been home since 1:30 PM, have a pain pump and two drains. I have taken a couple of Extra strength Tylenol but am trying to... READ MORE

What Should I Expect Day 1 After Abdominaplasty?

Having abdominal plasty in the morning what do I expect. I'm 63 years old READ MORE

Should I be concerned with amount of fluid in JP drain after Tummy Tuck?

My sister had a tummy tuck at 4:30pm today, since then I've drain both her JP drains four time, each time they had 75-80cc each (so 600cc total in 4... READ MORE

Is it required by all doctors for patients to take a full shower 1 day post op?

I went in for my 1 day post op appt & they are dead set on my showering today & everyday thereafter. I am terrified. When they took off my binder at... READ MORE

Drainage Tubes Are Coming Out? What Do I Do?

Today is the day after my surgery and the drainage tubes from my tummy tuck are comingout, what do I do? READ MORE

Is it OK to take Percocet?

I had a tummy tuck about 24 hours ago I was prescribed both T3s and Percocet. I was told to only take Percocet if the pain is unbearable and the T3's... READ MORE

Tummy tuck and muscle repair first day post op. (photo)

Tummy tuck and muscle repair done yestorday is this normal I'm swelling on hips upper butt and legs where they bend. They took off 7lbs of loose skin ... READ MORE

When do patients of tummy tucks generally have their first bowel movement?

When do patients of tummy tucks generally have their first bowel movement? It is my night of day 1 post op & all I have is gas. I have Crohn's disease... READ MORE

Is it ok to shower 24 hours after a Tummy Tuck with no dressing and with drains?

My tummy tuck was yesterday morning. My doctor told me after 24 hours I could take off the dressings and shower, then just leave the dressings off.... READ MORE

TT and Lipo on Flanks Yesterday. Notice Some Lumpiness on Back of Legs?

(thighs under butt area) Wondering if that is normal to have swelling/lumpiness on an area that was not lipoed maybe due to gravity? Will it go away... READ MORE

Mini tummy tuck after full tummy tuck: Is it possible? (Photo)

I just received a tummy tuck yesterday and my stretch marks are a lot higher then expected is a mini tummy tuck possible after a tummy. I only wanted... READ MORE

Is it normal to have an upper abdominal buldge 1 day post-op? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck with lipo of upper abdomen and flanks 2/18/15. I took my binder and dressings off post op day one and notice a blugde in my upper... READ MORE

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