Necrosis + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Can Scar Tissue from Plastic Surgery Cause Severe Pain?

I had a tummy tuck in April of 08 and my skin died so my Dr. did a revison in May of 08 to remove the dead skin. I still need a 3rd surgery, as he... READ MORE

Can This Horrific Tummy Tuck Be Revised? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck several years ago that lead to horrible results. I developed necrosis and my scar is devastating. I am a non smoker with a healthy... READ MORE

I Had Full TT 13 Months Ago with Bad Scarring and Need a Total Re-do, Is that Possible? (photo)

I had a full TT with MR. While putting on compression garment in surgery room the Dr. overlapped my tummy skin and pinched it. I couldn't feel it... READ MORE

Is There a Higher Rick of Necrosis when a Revising a Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 6 months ago and not satisfied with the results. I will be having a revision (more lipo and taking off remaining loose skin). Is... READ MORE

Whats the down time for tummy tuck necrotic scar revision with minor dog ears? (Photo)

I do boxing with weight training as well as hip hop abs :) I'd like to know if I can continue to do them with a revision or if I'll have to take x... READ MORE

Preparing for Tummy Tuck 2nd TT Revision, What Can be Done this Time to Make Waist More Defined? (photo)

Dear Doctors. I had a tummy tuck in June. Well I came out with a mini tummy tuck. Then I had a redo in Sept, and the doctor didn't even know what... READ MORE

Is this the beginning of necrosis? (Photo)

I had tummy tuck revision 3days ago I'm concerned about getting again necrosis that I had in my first tummy tuck I have like bruises is that beginning... READ MORE

Small Revision After Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo of Flanks?

Hello. I had a Full Tummy Tuck with Liposuction done in January 2012. Non-smoker, size 0/2. I had a complication of fatty necrosis around the vertical... READ MORE

Do I deserve a revision after my Tummy tuck? (photos)

My ps thinks I'll never be completely flat and because of the complications I've had he doesn't think he would do a revision. I've had a hemotoma... READ MORE

Second tummy tuck revision isn't healing well. What more can be done to improve healing? (photos)

Hello! Thank you for your time. About a month ago, I had a TT done with some lipo. The doctor was trying to save my belly button, and I wasn't pleased... READ MORE

18 Days Post Op of a Tt Scar Revision. Am I Free of Fat Necrosis?

Six months ago I Had a tt with local anesthesia. I developed fat necrosis on my midline. Now I am 18 days post op of my scar revision. Am I still at... READ MORE

Scared of wound necrosis again on TT. (photos)

First surgery was 8/29 I ended up getting wound necrosis. I have regretted having a TT ever since. I ended up having a 2nd surgery & the doc just... READ MORE

Is my belly button dying after tt revision? (photo)

I am 6 days post op from a full tt revision which included moving my already existing floating belly button to a higher position. I knew there was a... READ MORE

What revision is going to be best for me? Why can't lipo take care of upper abdomen buldge? (Photo)

So my journey began last year in March, I developed necrosis and don't know the right procedure now to get. One PS told me expanders, one said to Lose... READ MORE

What does a Necrotic Umbilicus look like once its "died" and can it be repaired to look like a normal BB? Can you share photos?

Im looking at redoing my TT. I paid for a full TT, but fear that not enough oblique MR was done. My PS did a floating umbilicus the first time round,... READ MORE

Revision after necrosis?

Are chances lower if I suffered from necrosis last year with full TT getting my revision now? READ MORE

Recovery Time after scar revision, umbillalectomy and pubicoplasty.

I had a full Abdominalplasty two years ago with many complications. Post op and months after I had many complications but because my abdominal skin... READ MORE

I would like to get a revision on my tummy tuck that ended up with necrosis a year ago, is this possible? (Photo)

About a year and 4 months I got a tummy tuck as soon as I was able to go home I notice purple under my belly button couple days later was told I had... READ MORE

How to treat belly button infection and necrosis? (photos)

I had my 3rd MR almost 30 days ago. My first TT my BB was perfect. Now this time I think there is necrosis and infection. It SMELLS bad. It oozes... READ MORE

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