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Bad Thigh Lift Results. Are Revisions Ever Done for Unhappy Patients?

I am very unhappy with my thigh lift and feel that the improvement is good but the results are not acceptable. I still feel that I need to cover up... READ MORE

Very Unhappy With Thigh Lift Scars - Should I Get a Revision? (photo)

I lost 85lbs and had a thigh lift last August. I was told scars would be inside my thigh (up to my groin area). Immediately after surgery it was clear... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For Revision Thigh Lift? (Photos)

My scars for my thigh lift go almost completely around my thighs they do not go around the outside, I still have a small amount of loose skin on the... READ MORE

Will This New Dogear Go Away with Time? (photo)

I had a revision surgery using lipo and skin excision to correct dogears from a thigh lift. The incision is in the crease of the butt. But after the... READ MORE

Thigh Lift-OR-Fat Grafting & More Liposuction

I need to get revision surgery for aggressive liposuction that was done on my inner and outer thighs and knees. I have been getting consults from... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Groin Incision? (photo)

I had thigh lift groin incision. I feel my thighs are still too thiick in the upper part. Should I have aggressive lipo and then revision to fix this... READ MORE

Are there Any NYC Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in Thigh Lift Revision?

I had lipo to the inner thighs and a thigh lift 5 months ago. The plastic surgeon took out way too much fat and now my skin is very saggy and I have... READ MORE

What procedure would you perform to revise this thigh lift? (Photo)

I had a medial thigh lift with groin incision in sept. 2013 and unfortunately for me, it did not do well. i am left with sagging skin. i do not want a... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Correct a Small Area After a Thigh Lift Or Do I Have To Undergo Another Full Lift?

I have had a thigh lift to remove excess skin and i am mostly happy except there is some skin on the inner part of my left thigh that is loose. i... READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift-2 months ago. Revision? Can it be fixed? What should I do? Can you recommend a PS? (Photo)

It has been over 2mths but 1 side is pblematic: The PS did not put the scar in the crease: It feels like my natural crease is gone and the one I have... READ MORE

Does one side of my medial thigh lift need to be revised? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift , medial thigh lift arm lift and breast augmentation on May 29 th, 7.5 weeks post op. The left thigh doesn't look symmetrical... READ MORE

Severe, intermittent pain following thigh lift revision, what could be causing this? I'm really frustrated and need a solution.

Inner thigh lift 1 yr ago, 7 wks ago had a revision for excess skin at knee area. Recovered fine, but about 3 wks ago started having intermittent... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a revisional surgery if I am unhappy with my medial thigh lift results?

I recently had a medial thigh lift done, but am unhappy with the results as there is still quite a bit of loose skin around my inner thighs. I am also... READ MORE

Getting my thigh lift revised should I be worried? (Photos)

 Had complications first round with the thighlift. I had fluid build up in my thigh lift 7 months ago and had to be takin into emergency... READ MORE

Medial thigh lift revision? (Photo)

I underwent a lower body lift on 10/31/16 and a medial thigh lift recently on 7/12/17. I'm happy with the body lift, but I'm concerned the medial... READ MORE

I would like a Revise Thigh lift after 8 years! Can it be done?

I am 51 yrs old and I had a thigh lift over 8 years ago, although I was not happy with the results! I would like very much to have an aggressive thigh... READ MORE

Thigh lifts and revisions (Photo)

I had a medial thigh lift thinking it probably should have been a combined spiral/medial. It has been suggested that I consider a lateral lift. I had... READ MORE

Open wound following thigh lift 2.5 weeks ago, advice? (photo)

I am 2.5 weeks post thigh lift. My left leg had to have immediate revision due to internal bleeding. I have a gaping wound there which seems to get... READ MORE

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