2 Weeks Post-op + Thigh Lift

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Should I Have Worn a Compression Garment After my Thigh Lift?

I had a TT and thigh lift 8 weeks ago. I went home from the hospital with a compression garment for my tummy but I was not told to wear one for my... READ MORE

I Had a Medial Thigh Lift on Sept.4th. (Groin) at What Point Will the Swelling Subside?

I can see the fatty rolls are gone but my thighs are pink on inside from rubbing when i walk. i feel like there are huge boulder rocks in each thigh.... READ MORE

Additional Liposuction After Thigh Lift + Lipo

A month ago, I had lipo/thigh lift with poor results. Thus, my doctor went back in 2 weeks ago & did revision lipo to my thighs and other areas. I... READ MORE

I am still experiencing swelling 12 weeks post op vertical thigh lift and arm lift. Is this normal?

I had a vertical thigh lift, arm lift and breast lift 12 weeks ago. I am still wearing compression on the advice of my surgeon due to swelling. The... READ MORE

Thigh lift concerns. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a thigh lift 12 days ago and I'm experiencing bleeding I was healing just fine and then the next day I started bleeding a lot. What should I do... READ MORE

Thigh lift 2 weeks ago. Intense pain. Is this normal? (photo)

2 weeks after surgery I finally looked at the wound from this angle and this is what I saw. No wonder I can't sit at all and can barely move. Is this... READ MORE

I have a lot of drainage coming from open wound. What can be done about this? (Photos)

Thigh lift 2wks ago. I hv open area on both thighs. The one on left thigh is pretty large and draining really bad. The back of my thighs are hard. I... READ MORE

Thigh lift in the groin wound. (photo)

Hi. I had a thigh lift 12 days ago. The incision between groin opened. I've been washing it with the warm water with epsom salt and mix it with fresh... READ MORE

With thigh lift surgery, is the remaining skin sutured to tendon or muscle to keep it from sagging again?

I had a tight lift 12 years ago and now my thighs look almost as bad as they did before the lift. I lost 170# 16 years ago and have maintained my... READ MORE

Mysterious extra incision following medial thighplasty, accompanied by a contour irregularity (Photos)

I had a medial thighplasty 2 weeks ago. I realize that I'm swollen and that the final results won't be visible for awhile, but right after the surgery... READ MORE

14 wks post-op from a bilateral thigh lift, how can I stop fluid build-up?

Right leg has fluid built up and at 10 wks surgeon opened the lymph node to drain more, it won't stop what else can be done. Otherwise not 1 other... READ MORE

Do my inner thighs need to be re-stitched? Is this normal or should I be worried?

I had an inner thigh lift 16 days ago and my scars started opening and are very painful. My PS said this is commin and has advised me to cover with... READ MORE

Should my thigh be straight? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op from thigh lift, tummy tuck and breast lift, all healing well, except my thighs seen to be really tight in the middle of the scar... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help the healing process after having a thigh lift?

I had a thigh lift 2 weeks ago. The lift side is healing will. The right side is still having bloody drainage coming from the incision. There were no... READ MORE

How much longer off my feet until swelling gets better?

I'm 2 weeks post op of an aggressive medial thigh lift and lipo. I developed cellulitis about a week ago. READ MORE

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