I have a lot of drainage coming from open wound. What can be done about this? (Photos)

Thigh lift 2wks ago. I hv open area on both thighs. The one on left thigh is pretty large and draining really bad. The back of my thighs are hard. I was instructed to wear my compression garment to control swelling but it's completely soiled within 2 to 3 hrs. Any suggestions? Draining beyond my control.

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No doubt this is the most common issue with thigh lift surgery due to the particular area of the surgery....heat, moisture, and bacteria.  Most of these are treatable with dry dressings and one of multiple available antibiotic/anti yeast creams.  At least weekly visits to your surgeon or nurse are important to prevent or identify worsening conditions.

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Thigh lift wounds

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Sorry for your problem.  This is without question the most common complication after a thigh lift, and sometimes the drainage is severe.  Not knowing the technique used, but this is the most common area to have wound breakdown especially at 2 weeks, and the drainage is common.  Using maxi pads or super absorbent surgical pads can help for a while, and it will eventually stop.  Obviously following up with your surgeon is paramount and he/she will help you get through this process.

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