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Thermage for Droopy Eyes and Puffiness Under Chin?

I'm a 45-year-old lady and I've been doing IPLs and now considering Thermage for slight eye drooping and puffiness under chin. I'm a Cali girl. ... READ MORE

Swollen Eyes After Thermage

I had Thermage 20 days ago in my forehead and eyes. My eyes are very swollen and puffy, especially in the morning, and the skin is dry and my eyeslids... READ MORE

How Long Does Thermage Last in Eye Area?

I had Thermage done last June (about 11 months ago) at a spa, and I did not like the results. It was too tight, at first I had darkness, and I seemed... READ MORE

Bad Results After Thermage for Eyes

I had thermage eyes with horrible results. What could have possibley gone wrong? READ MORE

Can Thermage Damage Eyes?

Any harm to eyes while having Thermage as long as the doctor puts the eye protectors on? READ MORE

Potential for Fat Loss Around eyes/Cheekbones with Thermage CPT?

I would like to get Thermage CPT around my eye area. However, I am very concerned about losing fat on my cheek bones and orbital zone, resulting in... READ MORE

So many choices for non surgical rejuvenation. Late 40s and in need of overhaul.

I can't make up my mind. I am going back and forth between Thermage, Thermismooth, Fraxel and many others. I need an overall lift or tightening of... READ MORE

Risks with eye Thermage CPT?

Are there any risks to the eyes when doing Thermage CPT to the orbital area? I understand shields and drops are placed on the eye, this seems really... READ MORE

Thermage skin procedure cost and ratings. (photo)

Ive had a lower face and neck lift, I'm 47 and it was succeseful .. but would like the best advice on tightening skin and helping with skins overall... READ MORE

Can Thermage help me with my eyes? (Photo)

Hello! Sorry about my english.I am looking for help and advices with my problem.I am 29 years old.All my life I had puffy eyes.I did blepharoplasty 6... READ MORE

Thermage face first Next day botox around eyes?

Is if okay to have lower face Thermage and then the next day place Botox around the eyes? I have had Thermage before with minimal downtime but can... READ MORE

The Cost of Thermage Around the Eyes

I had an upper eyelid surgery about 4 years ago, and want my eyes to look bigger and fresh as the time passes. According to my research, the thermage... READ MORE

Is Thermage After Blepharoplasty Safe?

I was born with "droopy eye" and "jaw winking". At age 55 I had Blepharoplasty and as part of the procedure, the doctor connected... READ MORE

Forgo Thermage Treatment to Avoid Potential Eye Problem?

I have a Thermage treatment scheduled for eyes and lips. However, my ophthalmologist recently diagnosed a potential problem that a possible torn or... READ MORE

Is Starlux 1540 Recommended for Thin Under Eyes and Droopy Eyelids? (photo)

Hi yesterday i got thermage cpt done on my face at 4-5 level, and abdomen at 3-4 sometimes it was pretty painful. Anyway Im hoping for the best. I did... READ MORE

Thermage After Lasik

I Had Lasik Treatment to my Eyes 4 Months Ago. Is Thermage Safe to Use? READ MORE

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