Swollen Eyes After Thermage

I had Thermage 20 days ago in my forehead and eyes. My eyes are very swollen and puffy, especially in the morning, and the skin is dry and my eyeslids less tight than before. The practioner found hard to insert the black,huge protections in one eye, and it was very watery for one day. I am worried that my eyes will stay like that. My eyelids was very thight before, but I done the thermage because I had lines under my eyes and in my forehead. Is it going to be better?

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Seek Consultation

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 It sounds like one of your eyes was not fully protected. If you have not called the physician who performed the procedure, you certainly should do so. I would also seek the advice of an oculoplastic surgeon. This is not normal after three weeks.

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Call your doctor

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 You need to call your doctor. You my have corneal abrasion or conjunctivitis. If you doctor is available ,you may want to see a eye doctor

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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