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50 Percent TCA Peel for Legs?

Hi, I purchased a bottle of 100% TCA solution that needs to diluted. They suggested I use 50% because my legs have alot of small brown spots as a... READ MORE

Can I Use a TCA Peel for Sun Spots on my Legs?

I would like to use TCA on the sunspots on my legs (see photo).  Somewhere it was mentioned on the site that TCA was to be used only on the face.... READ MORE

Does TCA Peel Help Remove or Lighten Leg Scars?

I'm planning to use 10% TCA peel, does it helps in lightening or removing old scars on the legs? If so, how to i apply it and every when? READ MORE

Should I Do an at Home TCA Peel for Hyperpigmentation on Legs?

I have very bad hyperpigmentation on my legs from insect bites and ingrown hairs, along with open pores that are brown. It is getting worst. I bought... READ MORE

Treating Dark Spots on Legs from Mosquito Bits

I've had dark spots on my legs for almost more than 2 to 3 years now which was caused by mosquito bites. I would like to have them removed and my... READ MORE

Can I use the TCA peel on my legs? (Photo)

Hey guys. In desperate need of a answer. Whenever I go the dermatologist , my questions cannot be answer so I decided to come here to get real answers... READ MORE

Can I use 25% TCA peel on my neck, shoulders and legs? If not, which peel is the best for hyperpigmentation on body?

Dear doctors, I have gotten some hyper pigmentation spots from my laser hair removal treatment from the cryogen. please suggest the best chemical peel... READ MORE

TCA Peel for legs?

I have many age spots on legs. I am Caucasian with medium skin tone. Can I use TCA Peel 20% or 70% Kojic Acid? READ MORE

Can I mix 15 % or 25% TCA with 70% GLYCOLIC acid ?

Im planing to do a peel on my back , arms and some parts on my legs. I need to know if is possible to mix this 2 product with out any damage (burning... READ MORE

What peel is better 15% TCA or jennser

I am hispanic with olive skin and have some post inflammatory from a previous jessner peel and would like to get rid of it. Also what peel is good for... READ MORE

Can I get TCA 15% done on my legs for hyperpigmentation on hair follicles? (Photo)

Can tca 15% be done on legs for hyperpigmentation on hair follicles...already had 2 sittings of glycolic 35%...stl not much difference...itz not kp..... READ MORE

Red veins/scars after TCA Peel? (photos)

I hope someone can help me here. I'm so desperate. I did a TCA Peel about a week ago on my legs. I know I'm stupid and I regret it a lot. It started... READ MORE

How many days it takes to peel off hands and legs when doing a TCA 20% peel ?

I have done a tca 20% peel, 2 layers or somewhere 3 layers on my hands and legs. There's crustiness on my skin. It's been 17 days. Little bit peeling... READ MORE

I got a chemical acid peeling at my legs and butt, A skin layer got peeled off then left with a dark scar? Is this normal?

I am left with the dark color scar so I applied olive oil for a week then, 1- "Bio-Taches Emulsion" twice a day for a month 2- Homecare Melanin... READ MORE

50% TCA Peel Second Degree Burn: Healing and Scarring? (photo)

I burned my legs about a month ago when I did the peel. The leg is still red, raw, itchy wound. The primary doctor I saw 3x was hydrofilming it... READ MORE

Can I Use TCA Peel 10% on Hyperpigmentation from Poison Ivy/infection on the Legs? (photo)

I am african american,11 years back i had a reaction to the poison ivy and got infected in those areas afterwards, which left huge dark spots on my... READ MORE

It's been 5 days already and I'm not peeling. Why? (Photo)

Its been 5 days already and im not peeling..I've used 25% TCA peel.one coat for four consecutive days.its wrinkly but not peeling.does it mean it... READ MORE

Can I Use 20-25%tca Peel Even Though I Am Still 18 Years Old?

Can i use 20-25%tca peel even though i am still 18 years old...i really want to undergo tca peel because i want to get rid of my 12 years old bug bite... READ MORE

Will a TCA chemical peel help me to get rid of these marks/spots.

They appeared after I shaved my legs once about 2 months ago and have been there since, I'm now using a lightening cream with hydroquinone inside in... READ MORE

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