50 Percent TCA Peel for Legs?

Hi, I purchased a bottle of 100% TCA solution that needs to diluted. They suggested I use 50% because my legs have alot of small brown spots as a result of me scratching. Is using 50% too strong for my legs as well?

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I'd just love to know who "they" are!

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I type this answer with my mouth open. I cannot believe people would sell such a caustic substance online. Experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons know 50-100% TCA is inappropriate for off-face use because of a variety of medical reasons too complex to discuss here. We prefer 35% TCA for the face and that area is the safest area to peel. Needless to say, suggesting 50% TCA on the legs is irresponsible advice.

I recommend you throw this TCA away. The last person I saw who had a "do it yourself " online TCA peel had to spend several hundred dollars and 2 weeks inside before the scars were corrected.

Do Not Use TCA on your legs

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I do not know where you were able to purchase 100% TCA but do not use this in any form, dilution or fashion on your legs. You are playing with fire. If you use too strong of a solution or if it is not properly applied you will burn your skin and have permanent scarring. I would never suggest the use of TCA at any dilution for the legs. You will be best served by seeing an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist for an evaluation.

TCA peel for the legs

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I agree with the other responses to your question. The safest way to administer chemical peels is under the direction of a physician. The likelihood of producing scars on the legs with 50% TCA is extremely high. It is simply irresponsible for vendors to sell 100% TCA to individual consumers. I'm glad you asked your question in this forum as you have likely saved yourself a great deal of heartache.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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Please use TCA under the direction of a physician

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TCA is considered a medium depth peel. However,a full depth could be reached if a high concentration is used or layering of the peel is done. I would highly recommend that you use the TCA under the direction of physician. I'm very surprised that you could purchase a highly concentrated TCA without a physician. To be specific for the concentration on the legs,i would start with 15% first and go deeper as needed.

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