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Treatment for Stubborn Sun Damage on Neck?

I had sun damage (brown spots) on my neck and forearms treated 2 years ago with IPL (4 treatments). My arms responded great, but my neck only... READ MORE

I Want to Do a 25% TCA Chemical Peel on my Hands and Arms. Is This Ok? And How Do I Prepare for It? (photo)

My hands and arms look terrible. I'm 48 and my arms and hands look like a 90 year old. Would a 25% TCA help and how do I prepare the area for it? READ MORE

Can TCA Peel Be Used on Arms and Back?

I was wondering if I can use the 50% TCA peel on my arms and back because I have acne and "white dots" under the skin. I have acne on face... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Skin to Turn Dark Brown and Hurt Right After 50% Tca Peel? Will It Scar?

I did a 50% tca peel on my arm for really dark and damaged spots which i know was stupid i realized it afterwords anyway i did it but could only bear... READ MORE

TCA Peel to Improve Brown Spots and Skin Texture?

Will a TCA Peel help brown spots/skin texture on forearms? If so, what approximate  strength, I am fair skin and always burn in the sun, not... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on chest and arm, I think I have caused permanent damage. What should I do? (Photo)

These photos are in day 4. But as you can see my chest looks horrible burnt and sore. There is no peeling on my chest and sore to the touch. I think... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do a 50% TCA Peel on my Arm?

I have very dry skin and I want to improve the texture of the kin on my arm. I tried 25% but it did nothing. When I say my arm, I mean my whole arm... READ MORE

TCA Peel Effective for Removing Tattoos?

I have a red and black tattoo on my left upper arm and I read somewhere that TCA Peel will effectively remove or fade the tattoo. I need to know if it... READ MORE

Can I mix 15 % or 25% TCA with 70% GLYCOLIC acid ?

Im planing to do a peel on my back , arms and some parts on my legs. I need to know if is possible to mix this 2 product with out any damage (burning... READ MORE

I put TCA Peel on my tattoo and now looks worse. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Please help want to know what I can do about my arm , put tca peel on tattoo to try to take off, cause I hate it so much please help , really just... READ MORE

How can I treat a severe chemical peel burn on my arm? (photo)

I have very light stretchmarks on my arm, but not light enough that they are not recognizable. I decided to do a at home chemical peel to try to... READ MORE

Burned on Lower Arm from 25% TCA Peel, What Can I Do For This? (Photo)

Last month i had a 25% TCA chemical peel on my arm. and my lower arm has a big dark brown blotches. Does Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation clear on... READ MORE

What %TCA Should I Use to Peel Forearms of Pigment/freckles? (photo)

Should I do layers? How long for each layer? Thanks READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on Arm Scar. Now It Looks Like a White, Pink Patch. What Can I Do to Get my Color Back?

About 3 months ago I bought a 30% TCA peel to make a scar on my arm better. Right after I used it, I felt it burn. I was told that it was normal and... READ MORE

Will a 20% TCA Peel Get Rid of the Hyperpigmentation on my Arms? (photo)

I am Latina and have light/moderately tan skin. I've developed hyperpigmentation on my arms from a combination of light acne, keratosis pilaris,... READ MORE

Is it safe to do a TCA peel on the skin with vitiligo spots?

I am 78 year old I have vitiligo on my arms, hands and face. I want to do TCA peel for re-jubilation, is it safe foru face with vitiligo? Thank you READ MORE

Hot, red and stingy 4th day post TCA peel on my hands and arms. How long to heal a deep TCA peel?

Is the red, hot and stingy sensation post 40% TCA peel 4 days ago on my fair skinned hands and lower arms to be expected? Frosting occurred at 37:00.... READ MORE

TCA for Scars on my Arms - Please Advise. Will They Become Better?

Hi,Had very prominant scars on my arms. 4 reasons - 1.Got burnt by boiling water when I wa around 16. 2.Left on bleach for about 1 hour and... READ MORE

DIY TCA? (photo)

I would like to know if it is normal to have blister after applying TCA chemical peel? Is this Viral? I applied TCA on my legs and I didn't have any... READ MORE

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