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Deep indentation in cheek after SMAS - what is it and how can it be treated? (photo)

1/8/14 I had a SMAS. Two days post-op I developed a seroma on the left side of neck, it was drained four times. The second week in February I... READ MORE

SMAS Mid Face Lift Support Suture Cut but Left in Face (photo)

2 months ago I had a SMAS mid face lift. In addition I paid for a support suture that extended in a triangle from my temple to the cheek and right... READ MORE

7 Weeks After my SMAS Lift, Hard Lumps and Striations. Massaging Not Seeming to Get Any Better? (photo)

I had a SMAS lift 7 weeks ago, and very unhappy with results. Had a coupe second opinions, and seems docs style was not good. I have hard, visible... READ MORE

Stringy Lax Neck Skin Returning 9 Weeks After SMAS Face&necklift?

I had a SMAS face&necklift 9 weeks ago for stringly waddle hanging from chin to base of my neck..w/ mucsle plication under chin. The stringy... READ MORE

I am 59 yrs, 7 weeks out from smas facelift and upper and lower blepharostomy. Will the swelling be permanent? (Photo)

I have had virtually no resolution of severe selling especially on my cheeks and jaw. My cheeks are now fibrotic and I am afraid I may be permanently... READ MORE

Fat and fascia injection nasal folds, facelift 8 weeks ago. I'm uneven and still look old. What do I do? I paid 30 grand (Photo)

I had a smas facelift and fat injections @ nasal fold area. I still have weird protruding lumps where the fat was placed. My folds are still very... READ MORE

Help, "live fill" fat injections and facelift have left me feeling devastated! It's been 8 weeks. (Photo)

I got a smas lift and cheek lift plus fat injections in nasal folds. All my swelling has seemed to disappeared, except I have these huge lumps at... READ MORE

Can a high smas lift lift my upper cheeks? How can I find a doctor who does this procedure?

I had a cheek lift about 2 months ago which i thought was a smas lift but after surgery from droopy face/cheek & horrible recovery plus googling i... READ MORE

Can a SMAS Mini Facelift still have swelling on outside at 9 weeks?

I am 9 weeks out and look asymmetrical. Still look like I have jowls on both sides and one side in the jowl area is fuller than other side and obvious... READ MORE

Is it normal to have severe swelling around eyes after SMAS lift?

I am 10 weeks post smas lower face neck lift. Had lift & eyes done 9 yrs ago with speedy healing and very natural result. This time only did face,... READ MORE

SMAS facelift 10 weeks ago, a dimple has appeared under my chin, will this improve? (photos)

Hello, please can you help me? I had a lower face and neck lift 10 weeks ago. This was a SMAS facelift with liposuction. I have no scar under my chin.... READ MORE

Noticeable Scab after Facelift 9 weeks later, will this go away? (photos)

It looks like I lost my sideburns, 9 weeks after a seven hour SMAS facelift with fat transfer and a hemotoma two days later, whu=ich was surgically... READ MORE

Follow-Up: I had a SMAS face and neck lift, 2 mo ago and I have lumps! What else will make this better? (photo)

It was very sore on the left side, right side healed better now left side looks like this. Have tried massage,steroid cream. READ MORE

Hair regrowth after SMAS facelift? (Photo)

Will the hair regrow in front of my ears after my facelift? I'm 2 months post op now. Will rogaine 5% speed up the growth? READ MORE

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