2 Months Post-op + Smart Lipo

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No Change on Abs After Laser Lipolysis

I had Laser Lipolysis last April 10. The doctor told me I'd be very happy with the results probably due to the fact that I have obvious muscle... READ MORE

2 Months Post Smart Lipo: When is it Safe to Have a Revision?

I had smartlipo 2 months ago. I wore the band for 3 days straight and then for 3 weeks at night. I do not wear it anymore. At first I was happy with... READ MORE

How Can I Fix the Permanent Lumps and Bruising from my Smart Lipo?

I was in great shape, thin and toned despite a little flab on my arms. I had Smart Lipo on my arms. I had Smart Lipo 7 months ago for my arms and... READ MORE

Why Didn't I See Results After Smartlipo? (photo)

Hello, I had smartlipo on my lower/upper abs and love handles on June 1st (without aspiration on my upper abs). I was very swollen the first week... READ MORE

Not Seeing Any Change 7 Weeks After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done exactly 7 weeks ago and I do not see a difference. I saw a slight one up until 2 weeks ago and now I just feel like I have gone... READ MORE

Hardness on Inner Thigh 2 Months After Smart Lipo

I am 2 mos post smart lipo inner thigh/anterior and knee. Is hardness and a little swelling as well as lymph nodes normal at this point? READ MORE

Will I Look Like Post Op Day 1 After Swelling Finally Subsides? (photo)

I loved my post lipo results on day 1 - 12 hours post surgery. Its exactly what I had hoped for. I am now week 8 and I know that I still have swelling... READ MORE

10 Wks Post Smart Lipo with Constant Burning Pain in L Groin, Will This Ever Go Away?

Inner and outer thighs were done. Still also with some numbness in some areas but the burning pain in the L groin is constant. READ MORE

Exercise Affecting Smart Lipo Results?

It's been 7.5 weeks since my smart lipo and I barely see results. Right after my smart lipo procedure (abdomen) I was swollen for about 2 wks. It went... READ MORE

7 Months After Smart Lipo and Still No Results

Hi, I had smart lipo 7 months ago on my inner, outer thighs and knees and ive only had complications! First the laser caused a burn which has left a... READ MORE

I Have Bad Burning Pain on Stomach and Flanks After 8 Wks from Smart Lipo. Doc Said I Shouln't Be Still Hurting?

He Ordered voltaren gel. It is not working at all. He said steroids would be next. I do not want to take steroids based on my previous experiences... READ MORE

Fluid Retention 10 Weeks After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo under my bellybutton 10 weeks ago and i seem to be retaining a lot of fluid, which has worsened noticeably in the past 2 weeks. i... READ MORE

2 Months After Arm Smart Lipo

I had arm smart lipo 2 months ago. My major concern is that it still hurts when I masagge and the middle section of the arms is still hard and looks... READ MORE

9 weeks post lipo using ann cherry latex compression waist cincher. Should I be worried about indentations at this time frame?

Started using ann cherry latex compression waist cincher couple days ago, i note it really helps with swelling and hopefully will assist with... READ MORE

Is there a long-term benefit to wearing the compression garment beyond 2 months after smart lipo?

Nine weeks ago, I had smart lipo to my knees, outer and inner thighs and banana roll. My weight is still 5-7 pounds above what it was pre-lipo even... READ MORE

Seven Weeks After Smart Lipo - Are These the Final Results?

I only lost 2 inches so far on my abs and its been almost 7 weeks. Should I expect much more results than this? I am 5ft 6 and weigh 157. I had... READ MORE

I Had Smartlipo 8 Weeks Ago on my Lower Belly and my Love Handles And I Look The Same?

I Had Smartlipo 8 Weeks Ago on my Lower Belly and my Love Handles They Took 340 out of Each Side, i feel like i look the same at the end af the... READ MORE

Wave-like Contours After Smart Lipo on Abdomen

I had smart lipo 7 weeks ago. The top part right under my bra is flat. However, my stomach is like a wave going up and down from top to bottom, with a... READ MORE

Do the final results of Smart Lipo really take 6 months to show?

I had Smart Lipo on my arms two months ago at the age of 61 (female). Currently, my right arm has a lot of loose skin, and my left arm has loose skin... READ MORE

Burning Sensation After Smart Lipo

I am now two months post op from SmartLipo on my lower and upper abs and my flanks. I'm experiencing some serious burning sensations in my lower back... READ MORE

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