1 Week Post-op + Smart Lipo

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1 Week After Smart Lipo - I Am Covered in Bruises and Skin Feels Numb/Sore. Is This Normal?

I had Smart Lipo done last week on my banana rolls, lower abdomen and saddle bags. I had very little fat to remove, it was mostly done for sculpting... READ MORE

When Will I See Final Results from Smartlipo?

I had Smart Lipo on a small area of my outer-thighs 5 days ago. The areas treated were small fatty pockets on each outer-thigh, about four to five... READ MORE

I'm Heavier Now then Before I Had Smartlipo 1 Week Ago. Is This Normal?

I am worried that i am gaining weight again even after spending 5000 on smartlipo 7 days ago. I want to jump back on the treadmill and start working... READ MORE

Why Am I Not Seeing Results After my Smart Lipo?

I'm now 9 days post op on Smart Lipo on my upper and lower abs and flanks. My lower abs look exactly the same, is this normal? Did anyone else have... READ MORE

What Will Happen to the Melted Fat in my Thighs After Smartlipo?

I had smartlipo done on my outer and inner thighs over a week ago. My legs are even bigger than they were before. As I was getting the procedure done,... READ MORE

How Soon After Smartlipo Can I Start the HCG Diet

Hi, I had smartlipo done on my chest 5 days ago, and I'm thinking about starting the HCG diet. Is it too soon to start? I'm a 28 years old... READ MORE

After Smartlipo Questions. Bruising/Swelling No Getting Better. Normal?

I have my smartlipo for 5 days already, bruise is horrible and swollen is not getting any better. Drain spots closed. My Tummy is bigger than before.... READ MORE

How Can I Help Get Best Results After Smartlip?

I am 1 week post op and i was told that i needed a tummy tuck but i choose not to have it (to invasive). Now i can see that the fat i had on my lower... READ MORE

Why Can't I See Immediate Results from Smart Lipo?

I had my procedure on may 31st on my upper/lower abs. So far I cannot see one bit of improvement. my surgeon was a board certified plastic surgeon.... READ MORE

I Can't Stand This Compression Garment Any Longer?

I am 5 days post op from smart lipo on my abs and flanks. I am slightly bruised on my back and vagina area, sore to only the touch, and swollen a bit.... READ MORE

I Had Smartlipo and the Fat Wasn't Suctioned Out!

Hi, I had smartlipo done 10 days ago and I am kicking myself now because i didnt do proper research before and chose a doctor based on availability... READ MORE

I Am a 28 Year Old Male 1 Week out from Liposuction of the Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks and See No Difference?

I was told I was a good canditate for lipo and would see significant results and change. 1 week out I still am pare shaped and my love handles are... READ MORE

What is the Maximum of Ccs That Can Be Suctioned from Smart Lipo? Is It a Weight/bmi Ratio, Perhaps? (photo)

Female. Early 20s. 5feet tall. 125 lbs. Areas of concern: Outer & inner thighs. (Hips 40in, thighs at largest area 23.5) Smart Lipo: Suctioning:... READ MORE

Lump on Jawline After Smartlipo- What Is This?

I am 22 years old and I have had smartlipo done under my chin and my jawline. It has been a week and although the swelling has gone down considerably... READ MORE

It is Okay to Fly Without a Compression Garment 6 Days Post Lipo? I'm a Flight Attendant.

I am heavier from my lower body so planning to do outer thighs love handles and arms.kindly suggest which type of anaesthesia is recommended..thankyou READ MORE

I Am Still Big After Smart Lipo, Can Not Wear my Old Clothes,feel Like a Round Balloon. Normal?

I had my smart lipo don on my upper and lower abdomen and my sides.Tody is my 8th day. READ MORE

Swelling Worse Than Ever

I had smartlipo and vasor on my upper/lower abs/lovehandles 10 days ago.FYI- dr said he took out 4 lbs. I wasn't huge to begin with(size 4.) The... READ MORE

Why is Body Bigger After Smart Lipo Than Before?

I had laser lipo a week ago on my upper and lower abs and love handles. The next day after my procedure, I was very pleased with my results. Next week... READ MORE

How Will I Look 5 Days Post Neck Smartlipo?

Hi there, I am having smartlipo on my neck this Thursday. I am returning to school the following Tuesday and am hoping I won't be covered in... READ MORE

Hot or Warm Soaks After Smart Lipo

I am a healthy 35-year-old female who recently lost 85 pounds (and counting). I am 142 lbs, size 6, with athletic build. I was told by my doctor... READ MORE

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