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How to Lighten Skin on Bikini and Groin Area?

I'm a 23-year-old Latina woman of light complexion. Is there a reason and a solution for having a darker skin tone in my bikini and groin area? I... READ MORE

What are skin lightening fix/products for bikini area and underarms?

Hi, I had dark skin in my underarms and bikini area. So I decided to use Marie Francis peeling oil - that was HUGE mistake because it initially burned... READ MORE

How can I lighten my anal/vaginal area?

Hello! So basically I'm a black girl (not very dark but I'm not the lightest girl either) and I want to lighten my skin tone around my whole body but... READ MORE

How can I whiten my sensitive area? I have used Eldoquin Forte 4% cream, home remedies and Fucidin.

I have no.3 type skin and my sensitive area is darker than my body. pimples regularly appear after shaving and waxing ,some of hair grows backwardly i... READ MORE

How can I make my bikini line and armpit lighter ?

I am 19 years old girl and my skintone is light to medium but i have a dark areas in my armpits and the bikini line and inner thighs also, they are... READ MORE

Are there treatments to permanently lighten sensitive areas of the body?

For example permanent anal bleaching or all over bikini area and lightening the color of ones nipples. READ MORE

Very dark skin on bikini area and purple vagina lips. Remedies? (photos)

Hello, i recently just shaved and saw that my skin on my bikini area was extremely dark.. well more grayish than brown actually.. And then i saw my... READ MORE

How can I lighten certain dark areas on my body which include the bikini line, the butt and the underarms?

I have been healthy before but later i lost weight due to illness which gave me certain stretch marks on my thighs and butt.Now that again i have... READ MORE

I have dark skin problems on my underarms, butt and bikini line. Is gluthathione effective?

I want to know if oral glutathione is effective in lightening those parts. If yes, what are the cheapest, yet most effective gluta caps in the... READ MORE

I have discoloration on my bikini area from ingrown hairs? (photo)

Is there a way that the discoloration can actually be removed?  READ MORE

Whitening for a sensitive area such as full bikini?

I'm a white girl but the bikini area is dark. I used to shave it for 10 years but now I do waxing! But the area stills dark! What should I do? READ MORE

What can i use to lighten the skin in my bikini line?

Over the years shaving my pubic area has caused my inner thighs and bikini line to get darker. is there anything safe that i can use to lighten it. READ MORE

How do I get rid of a dark bikini area?

The skin is dark on my bikini and a little bit down my thigh. The darkness lightens up a little when I shave but is still darker than my skin. There... READ MORE

How can I whiten my bikini area?

I got black skin in bikini area and please tell me something that it can become lighter please i want to remove dark skin READ MORE

Dark underarm and bikini area along with pimples on bum. Options?

Dark bikini area n underarm gradually increasing day by day.having pimples on butt n thigh region. READ MORE

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