Mucus + Sinus Surgery

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Mucus and Breathing Through One Side of Nose, What Should I Do?

I'm 27 and I live in Tehran, Iran. 10 years ago I broke my nose and after that I suffer from thick mucus in the back of my throat which is clear... READ MORE

Why is she getting major headache and head full of mucous after stents in nasal passage for sinusitus?

Daughter has had stents in on Friday, no swelling or bruising but nose getting fuller of mucous and headaches this normal. READ MORE

Does bloody sinus drainage a pose anything serious?

I hit myself in the face 2 days ago with a metal bar, there was a little swelling at the time, but no real pain, its still a little swollen now, but i... READ MORE

How long till back to normal? I had sinus surgery on this past Tuesday. The dr told me little. (photos)

I have had constant bleeding 25/7. Having to change this pad like every 4 hours. The worst was waking up from anesthesia and throwing up hard,... READ MORE

I have a mucotomy of the medial part of the inferior turbinate. Can the mucus regenerate?

I have a mucotomy of the medial part of the inferior turbinate. Can the mucus Regenerate. I m afraid that this will not done. Thank you READ MORE

Mucus in maxillary sinus - is this normal? (photos)

I recently got a CT for my sinuses and the radiologist said everything looks great. However, I see some mucus in both maxillary sinuses. Not much, but... READ MORE

Sinuses or something else?

The past few days or so I've noticed I've been coughing up blood or Ive been having a lot of blood and quarter size blood clots in my mucus. My nose... READ MORE

7th sinus surgery ENT looked with scope looks fine nasal cavity opened and no polyps ct scan shows mass compaction. Why? (Photo)

I am having my 7th sinus surgery this time to scape my sinuses. ENT was shocked because scope showed everything perfect, but when did cat scan it... READ MORE

Before having sinus surgery 4 months ago I at least could blow my nose. What can be done? (Photo)

The mucus thickens and gets lodged mostly on the left side of the lower turbinates. I am having to aggressively irrigate to get it out After... READ MORE

Is coughing up red mucus normal a week after sinus surgery?

It's been exactly one week since I've had sinus surgery. Today has been the worst thoughz I've been coughing up red mucus. It's very thick and it... READ MORE

Can disruption of the dried mucous in my nose affect lymph nodes on the same side near my ear?

I have significant dried mucous in my nose all the time. It occurs mostly on my right side. I may even use tweezers to remove it once it is loose (had... READ MORE

More mucus coming after sinus surgery

Hi, I had sinus surgery 3 times removed polyp. Now my nose hole is big. I keep getting mucus. I have to use neti pot and clean everyday. I get... READ MORE

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