How long till back to normal? I had sinus surgery on this past Tuesday. The dr told me little. (photos)

I have had constant bleeding 25/7. Having to change this pad like every 4 hours. The worst was waking up from anesthesia and throwing up hard, projectile. Coughing up blood mucus. Now in my nose it's dark to black blood color. Is this normal? Dizziness too. ears cleaned out and they crackling and strange. woke up I felt deaf. Ringing since 2013 wonder if my Eustachian tubes have collapsed or what? Need responses. Have had two sinus infections in 4 months, the first was like rubber cement mucus!

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Bleeding after sinus surgery

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Your bleeding and oozing is normal especially for the first week. Your nose looks swollen and looks like you have packing which can also contribute to frontal drainage. You are still very early and need to be patient. When your surgeon cleans out your nose and removes any packing you should feel better.

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