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10 Days Post Op. 28 Year Old 2 Kids Breastfed Small A Whole Life

Hi everyone. I'm a little late in sharing but this website has been SO helpful through this process I finally decided to jump aboard and start sharing my experience. I had my breast augmentation 10 days ago and it was a really easy experience for me. I honestly feel breastfeeding was far more... READ MORE

26 year old, no kids, 5'6" 132 lbs with an athletic build. 350cc mod+ Sientra under the muscle.

I m getting my BA the first Monday in October! I'm over the moon with excitement but slo very nervous with what to expect. During my consult, my PS recommend 350cc smooth round mod+ Sientra silicone implants under he muscle considering the measurements he took. I am 5'5.5" weighing 134 with an... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old 5'5" 120lbs 385cc silicone HP - New York, NY

I had my breast augmentation done on July 16, 2016 but Dr. Kevin Tehrani. I could not be happier. After conducting extensive research for the last year and a half, I came across Dr. Tehrani on the realself website and was SO impressed with his work. After my consultation, I knew immediately he... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Mother of 4 Wanting Larger ,fuller Breasts

Hi! I am just starting my BA journey. I am so happy I found this site. I have been enjoying reading other women's experiences with BA. I have been on the smaller side. My breasts were a 32 AA . I am 5'6" 115lbs. I have been obsessed with breasts every since I was very young. I can remember... READ MORE

415 Cc HP Sientra Silicone Implants

Dr. Darrow was the second consult I had and easily chose him over another popular PS. Dr. Darrow's office is big and nice. He used his 3D imaging on me which was much more helpful than just trying the implants on like I did at the other surgeon's. I think Dr. Darrow is more of a conservative PS... READ MORE

42 Yr Old with Sientra Anatomical 350cc, Went from 32A/B to 32DD. Worrying I Went Too Big.

I'm 42yrs old, 107lb, 5'3", 12cm BWD, wearing 32A/B before BA. I always wanted a fuller bust to balance out my body. I had by BA 6/2/17, I'm now 10 days post-op and got sized at Nordstrom at 32DD. Worrying they will get bigger as they fluff. Any opionion will be helpful. How does my BA... READ MORE

5'4, approx. 130 Lbs, 415 Cc textured round Sientra "gummy bear" implants, - Bluffton, SC

I've always had small breasts. They weren't saggy; they just didn't have any upper pole fullness. So I finally decided to get implants. I've spent some time on here, checking out doctors, and decided to go with Dr. Weniger. They had a $500 off any plastic surgery for that month, which made it... READ MORE

Sientra 310cc Cohesive Gel over Muscle with Rapid Recovery Procedure

To start, my recovery was not anywhere near being "rapid" or easy. I was in considerable pain for 3 weeks which required prescription pain medicine. I was told most people don't even need more than a few Advil and have very little pain. My pain never completely went away but changed over the... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mom. 5 Ft 8, 150 Pounds, 435 cc Sientra Round Mod Plus

First of all, this site has been SO helpful. The reviews and experiences by the members are wonderful to read, and the overwhelming support everyone seems to receive is amazing! After a previous consultation with a local surgeon, reading the reviews, and completely stalking all the plastic... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Campbell, CA

1 consult so far, looking for small implants to give a nice shape and maybe some nice side boob. My ideal is similar to roguescape's result here on RealSelf. I'm looking at low profile Sientra at about 240cc right now. Thought I'd start with a few of my favorite wish boob pics. Will put some... READ MORE

24 year old 34 B to a Full C/Small D

Hey everybody! A little bit about my physique, I'm 24 years old, 5'4, 122 lbs. My pre-op cup size was a 34 B cup in my left boob and an A cup in my right. My doctor was Dr. David Kim of Beverly Hills. I had Sientra gummy-bear implants put in. 355 cc in my left and 415 cc in my right. I am... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op - White Plains, NY

Hey Girls. I've been reading reviews on this site for months and finally decided to make one. I had my surgery yesterday, April 15th. I'm 22, 105 lbs, about 5'4. Decided to get 375 CC's, "Gummy Bear" silicone implants, High profile, sub muscular. After years of wanting them, I finally saved up... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old, 695cc Sientra Silicone Breast Implants

My picture is just 20 hours after silicone implant breast augmentation with 24 hour rapid recovery…. I am feeling fantastic, I cannot believe I (do not and have not) needed any pain medication! Right before my picture was taken, I was out clothes shopping and trying on clothes. Dr. Partington a... READ MORE

A True Artist: Dr. Moore Fixed a Life-Long Deformity. Sandy, UT

I’m taking the time to write this review for a few reasons. 1) There was a negative review here that almost scared me away from meeting the most gifted surgeon and incredible staff – EVER! 2) For my entire teen and adult life, I’ve been self conscious about my chest. Not just because I had small... READ MORE

Sientra 495 HP, 5'3", 117lbs, B-DD, breastfed 3 years

Tomorrow is the big day! I am so excited to finally be getting my chi chi's done! I was a 32C before kids and a 32D during pregnancy and a 34DD while breastfeeding. I am now a 32B. (VS sizing) I was either pregnant or breastfeeding non stop for about 4 years. Since my husband and I decided we... READ MORE

31, 1 Toddler, Weight Loss Caused Deflated Boobs - Sacramento, CA

I am 9 days away from my surgery. I had my pre op appointment on 12/16 and the dr made me feel very comfortable and I loved his honesty. I was truly looking for a reason to not like him but his straight forward comments made me sure this was my surgeon. I am doing the sientra silicone gummy... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids Breastfed, Currently Have No Cup Size but Wear a Padded 32a. Wanting Small Implants!

Hey I'm new here!! I've always had small boobs but I used to be able to get cleavage from a VS push up bra and now I have absolutely nothing. Went to Dr. Mizuguchi and we decided on sientra style 107 moderate profile plus 305cc. Well now that I've had time to think I want to try smaller (285 or... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Mom of 1, Breastfed, 34B, 5'6", 140lbs, Getting 435 Sientra Moderate Plus Silicone

I've been waiting to get a BA for about 15 years now. Between breastfeeding my daughter and weight gain and loss over the years my breasts have become deflated. I really loved the size I was when I was pregnant/ nursing and sad that I lost the volume on top.y surgery is scheduled for February 7,... READ MORE

575 CC Sientra Moderate Profile - 5'9"

I'm sitting here one day post-op and I still can't believe I did it and it's now behind me. Getting a BA has been somewhere in my mind for over 20 years. Late last year I started to give it more serious thought and had to ask myself - what am I waiting for? I started off as a 36 A and have just... READ MORE

31yo, 5’3”, 110lbs, Breastfed 1 Child - 355cc/385cc Sientra Textured Round Submuscular "Gummy Bear" implants - Dallas, TX

So like most women on here, I'm in need of some help…some major help in the chest area after having my daughter in 2015! I breastfed her for a little over 6 months and quickly noticed a decrease in my breast tissue which left me with a very deflated chest ? I am 31yo, 5’3”, 110lbs, and worko... READ MORE

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