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Sientra's FDA-approved silicone breast implants come in both round and shaped, smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a Capsular Contracture Care Program — a guarantee to replace your implants up to five years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs.
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I've been researching getting a possible lift and augmentation for over a year. I'm a 32dd but with a very padded super uplifting bra. I've always had size D breasts and always had comments on how lucky I was. What people don't understand is that most naturally large breasts are not the full... READ MORE

5'5 and 3/4, 118-120 lbs, 385cc silicone unders (sientra I think) (but nervous I'm going too big). Currently 34 A, (victorias secret calls me AA or not even a size lol hate them but love them) not too much breast tissue to work with. (I might post pics later, right now I tried to take them and I... READ MORE

I had my consult today and actually went ahead and paid my deposit and booked the day! I'm a little over two weeks out from my BA. I wasn't sold on having the procedure bc I mostly was stressing out about not being able to work out. I lift weights 5 days a week and run 3 times. My boobs are... READ MORE

Pretty sure I've watched every breast augmentation vlog on the Internet. I'm 25, I breastfed my daughter for two and a half of her five years. Pre-op was a week ago... Surgery in less than a week. I've been saving for this for four years and considering it for five. Going from a 34aa to... READ MORE

Won't type much since I'm still healing but thought I'd at least get this review party started! Who: Professional who has contemplated breast augmentation for awhile but more seriously within the last 1.5 years. What: Doctor & I decided on Sientra Textured 385cc Moderate Profile When: Operated... READ MORE

Hi Realselfers! I am a 42 year old mother of 3, 5'8 and about 125lbs. I am so thankful that I found this site! I stumbled on to it when I was looking for a dr to do botox. I had never done it, or any other cosmetic procedure, and was scared but LOVE my results! I ended up going to Dr.... READ MORE

I have been thinking about BA for a while. I was so excited this spring to go for it, but my job puts everything on hold, it drives me crazy. I am tall 5 10 and only 115 pound, so my body is crying for a boobs. Never had boobs. I am nervous if I will be able get implants because of my low body... READ MORE

Ok so I'm 26, 5 foot tall, and around 115lbs. I'm a 32b in most bras. I'm really just hoping to get some fuller, prettier, natural looking (and feeling) boobies! I'm going to Dr. Richard E Cummings Tuesday for my surgery. We're doing under the muscle silicone gel implants with an under the... READ MORE

Date of surgery 6/24/26 Sientra Silicone Gel (Gummy Bears) Moderate plus 36 small B to full D 385cc left 425cc right My overall experience is has been really good, only one night that was painful, I took one my meds for pain and I was ok. The most discomfort I've had was my back from sleeping... READ MORE

Seeking larger and fuller breasts. Meeting Dr. Calobrace in consultation appointment: I met Dr. Calobrace in his Lexington location for my consultation appointment. His nurses and staff were extremely helpful both before the consult and during. Dr. Calobrace sat down and spent ample time with... READ MORE

Hey ladies! So I've been on RealSelf for a year now just reading the stories & basically just doing tons of research here & everywhere else. Well I can finally say that I can now share my own story!! in hopes that it will help ease your concerns and nerves while hopefully doing this... READ MORE

Survived B-DAY today!! I’ve been scouring RS since February and wish I could remember how I found it to begin with. Upgrading my boobs has been one of those lofty goals that was lost in the cobwebs of my brain, but finding RS and all of your stories helped me see I could make this a reality! P... READ MORE

After much, much browsing on this site I decided to make a profile so that I can ask questions of other people and share my upcoming BA. I am 27, 5ft 5 and fairly athletic. I have never been blessed so to speak in the chest area and getting implants has been something I have wanted to do for a... READ MORE

I decided on breast augmentation because I have always been insecure about my breast. I am 5'1" and 115lbs, currently wear a 32-34 A cup. I went to many plastic surgeons for consultation and even made an appointment for surgery with one doctor but cancel the day before surgery because I didn't... READ MORE

I am glad that I did a consultation with Dr. Mesa for my breast augmentation. I did several consultations with board certified plastics surgeons in the area, but I wasn't totally happy with either of them. I found Dr. Mesa in RealSelf and I decided to give him a chance. Wow! I booked my... READ MORE

I'm new to the plastic surgery world and never thought this dream would come true but I just had my last surgery appointment before the big day, got my prescriptions, signed my paperwork, and picked my size. Decided to go with the 435cc gummy bear sientra implants. Less than 2 weeks till my... READ MORE

First off let me start out by saying all the great reviews about Dr. Vath werr true! His staff and Dr. vath and his staff and the center were so nice and amazing. He did not sugar coat and he gave me all sides of the all the implant styles. The patient counselor, Carrie, was so nice and was able... READ MORE

I went to Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, WA for a free consultation with Dr. Joshua Cooper on March 8, 2016. The office is lovely and clean, the staff is friendly. The ladies working with me seemed about my age and were honest about having breast implants themselves. One even eagerly let me... READ MORE

After surgery for a benign breast issue in 2000 my breasts were left empty and deformed. I went from a 34C to < 34A. I refused restoration at that time. Sixteen years later, at age 65, I decided I didn't want to spend the rest of my life this way. After much research I chose Dr. Ehret to... READ MORE

My little A boobs were pretty (no kids, etc.), but I always felt a full B cup would suit me better. My rib cage is on the wider side and there is a space between my breasts and pec muscles. I knew not to expect cleavage, but I'm a little concerned that the textured implants were the wrong choice... READ MORE

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