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Sientra's FDA-approved silicone breast implants come in round and shaped, and smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a Capsular Contracture Care Program—a guarantee to replace your implants for up to five years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs.

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31, 1 Toddler, Weight Loss Caused Deflated Boobs - Sacramento, CA

I am 9 days away from my surgery. I had my pre op appointment on 12/16 and the dr made me feel very comfortable and I loved his honesty. I was truly looking for a reason to not like him but his straight forward comments made me sure this was my surgeon. I am doing the sientra silicone gummy... READ MORE

49 Yrs Young, Married, Wanting to Restore Fullness with a Natural Look, Correct Inverted Nipples, 2 Adult Children

I have waited 15 yrs to finally to this. I am petite 5'1" and average 100lbs. I have wanted to restore fullness and correct asymmetry with a natural result BA. Every year when I go for my mammogram, I ask the technician about the best PS results for BA that she has seen. I have had different... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 3 Kids and Ready to Feel Better in my Clothes. Glenview, IL

Dr. Casas is the only doctor I have ever went to see. After seeing her photo gallery, I knew she was the only one that could make my vision come true. I've always wanted to have breast augmentation surgery but was afraid of looking fake. After seeing what she is capable of doing, I knew I had to... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Jason I. Altman, MD - Coral Gables, FL

Female Weight 150 Height 5'3 Age 22 Excuse my English and spelling found the doctor through two of my coworkers in New York who recently got their breast done by him and I was so amazed how good it looked tiny scar and they was back to work right away ( one of them went back to work the same... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Experience :)

I'm 25 years old, weigh 96 pounds. pre-op I was a b cup and I'm not sure what I am now (I'm on day 2 post op), Went with 385 ccs, silicone under the muscle. Sientra brand and moderate profile. Here are my before pictures and I'll post some after pictures with an update soon! I'll update this as... READ MORE

300cc's Teardrop Oval Shaped Sientra Silicone. La Jolla, CA

Today was my big day and I am over the moon! Like most here, I cannot believe I waited so long for my breasts. I went back and forth for 20 years until I finally was sick and tired of succumbing to other people's opinions and societies narrow mindedness. I am feeling little pain and my breasts... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 1 Kid, 5'2, 115lbs, A to C Cup. Tacoma, WA

I have always had small boobs ever since I can remember. I remember asking my mom once when I was in middle school if my boobs were always going to be small and she said, just wait until you get through high school and once you have kids, your boobs will get bigger.. well ma they haven't lol I... READ MORE

54 5'11" 165 Pounds Slender Body Frame 375/425 Sientra Gel Moderate Plus Under The Muscle Round Implants. Beverly Hills, CA

Date of surgery 6/24/26 Sientra Silicone Gel (Gummy Bears) Moderate plus 36 small B to full D 385cc left 425cc right My overall experience is has been really good, only one night that was painful, I took one my meds for pain and I was ok. The most discomfort I've had was my back from sleeping... READ MORE

38 Years Old 3 Kids All Breastfed Gym Rat - Upland, CA

I have been contemplating breast augmentation for many years. After my last child & after I stopped breastfeeding @ a year &1/2 & who is almost 2 now, I decided I was finally going to do it! My boobs were now completely gone & I knew it was time! I went to my pre-op today (13th)... READ MORE

Boobie Upgrade - New York

I first started to look into breast augmentation the summer of 2015. When I was younger breast surgery was never even a thought to me but as you get older especially after kids your body changes and it can really affect your self confidence. I went to numerous consultations with about three... READ MORE

22 Year Old Breast Augmentation! Fairfield, CT

My boyfriend really pushed me into this, but I'm so happy he did. I went to see dr. Alfred sofer, and he was amazing. I'm more than pleased. I healed great. Minimal scarring. So pleased. I'd definitely recommend he is a fantastic surgeon! The office is so nice, the staff was great, and they got... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old 5'5" 120lbs 385cc silicone HP - New York, NY

I had my breast augmentation done on July 16, 2016 but Dr. Kevin Tehrani. I could not be happier. After conducting extensive research for the last year and a half, I came across Dr. Tehrani on the realself website and was SO impressed with his work. After my consultation, I knew immediately he... READ MORE

28 Yr Old, 5'3", 142lbs- 500cc Sientra Sub-muscular Implant (Former 34B) - New Bern, NC

Dr John Zannis and his staff in New Bern were completely wonderful and took such good care of me pre and post op. It has been just under 12hrs post op and I am feeling lots of tightness and pain. Boobs are up to my collarbone but this is very normal. Especially since I went so large with these... READ MORE

fitness junkie. Sientra, Mod+ 375CC, unders.

Fit, mom of 2. Lost the baby weight and now back to pre-pregnancy. 120lb, 5'1. Muscular shape but I am petite. I just tried making rice sizers and I must say I think 350-355"CC" looked perfect! In shirts, sports bra and just a bra. I loved them. I tried a few other sizes and anything 400+ looked... READ MORE

No Kids, 27 Year Old, 32A or (AA?), 5'2, 110 Lb, 235 Cc Sientra Textured Breast Implants

I've always been flat chested even when puberty hit. I get everything from my mom ie. how our menstrual cycles go, personality, health conditions...EXCEPT my breasts. My mom is a full size B and my sister is a full A cup. I barely filled a 32 A bra cup, so I'm not sure if that would have made me... READ MORE

23yo Student/ Mom of Toddler - Scottsvalley, CA

Just had my first consult, loved the doctor,excited that she is willing to work with my school schedule, I wish to use my December month break as recovery period. She doesn't go by in the bra sizers or by digital imaging or by CC's she goes by what you tell her you want and she will take three... READ MORE

36 Year Old, Two Toddlers, Had a Breast Lift with Augmentation, Abdominal and Flank Lipo - Southlake, TX

I have always had an athletic build, but after having kids things changed. My breast sagged from breastfeeding and I could not gif rid of my belly fat and by back fat. I searched the web and that's when I found Dr. Obaid. He was very honest with me upfront. He said that I could probably benefit... READ MORE

25yrs No Kids Sientra 355cc Moderate Plus Silicone

I am 5'1 110lbs I have been thinking about breast augmentation for a few years now and decided to go through with the procedure this year Pros: I love having bigger boobs They feel amazing Look amazing My experience was great my doctor was amazing Con: the recovery hurt my friends made it... READ MORE

34 Year Old Sientra Moderate Profile - Bakersfield, CA

Finally doing this after many bumps in the road. I am 5'2 143 pounds scheduled for breast augmentation surgery on 11/17/16. I have chosen Sientra moderate silocone smooth round implants. I won't know the size till after procedure, my Dr. uses sizers but we are looking at around 450 ccs. Will... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5'5" 120lbs, A-Cup to 400cc Sientra

After years of contemplation I finally decided to get serious and take the plunge. I've always wanted bigger boobs and now I finally have them. I did two consultations and chose Dr. Robert Cohen. I never felt comfortable with the first PS no matter how hard I tired. I know I chose the best... READ MORE

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