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Sientra's FDA-approved silicone breast implants come in both round and shaped, smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a Capsular Contracture Care Program ā€” a guarantee to replace your implants up to five years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs. LEARN MORE ā€ŗ

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So i was not going to write a review as i figure there are more than enough of them on this site, however as i sit here this morning waiting for my procedure time; by the way i am getting breast augmentation done to day at about 3pm, i thought i should just start blogging my experience. I have... READ MORE

Hi Realselfers! I am a 42 year old mother of 3, 5'8 and about 125lbs. I am so thankful that I found this site! I stumbled on to it when I was looking for a dr to do botox. I had never done it, or any other cosmetic procedure, and was scared but LOVE my results! I ended up going to Dr.... READ MORE

I've been researching getting a possible lift and augmentation for over a year. I'm a 32dd but with a very padded super uplifting bra. I've always had size D breasts and always had comments on how lucky I was. What people don't understand is that most naturally large breasts are not the full... READ MORE

Pretty sure I've watched every breast augmentation vlog on the Internet. I'm 25, I breastfed my daughter for two and a half of her five years. Pre-op was a week ago... Surgery in less than a week. I've been saving for this for four years and considering it for five. Going from a 34aa to... READ MORE

I'm 5'6, 150lbs, nursed 2 children and breasts have sagged ever since. Time for me to have the breasts I've always wanted! Currently wear a 34 DD unlined bra but have to stuff my saggy skin in the bra. I can't stand not having any volume. I believe my chest can hold my desired FULL DD/small... READ MORE

I have been so flat chested all Of my life. All my friends grew up and grew boobs. As I got into high school it didn't bother me too much. I just viewed that time as being patient. I would look online and hear stories of girls who were 19 or 20 that all of a sudden grew boobs. Well I'm done... READ MORE

Hey ladies! So I've been on RealSelf for a year now just reading the stories & basically just doing tons of research here & everywhere else. Well I can finally say that I can now share my own story!! in hopes that it will help ease your concerns and nerves while hopefully doing this... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I have been following many of your posts for several months now and I find all of them informative as well as inspirational-thank you. Since I was 16 years old and stopped developing in the chest area, my dream was always to have my chest enhanced. Or course at that age and time I... READ MORE

I am having my breast augmentation in 3 days*omg* I'm driving myself crazy over sizing. Because of my small frame my doc is using sientra hp between 220 and 280cc submuscular, he chooses the size in the OR. I breast fed both of my children and my breasts are just sad. I went from a perky 34A... READ MORE

Finally booked my surgery, 1 week away. Excited, but nervous too. Going to Dr Moore in Midvale, Utah. Loved meeting him and his staff. He was very patient, and thurough. Going with sientra textured moderate 695cc. Hoping to go from a 38B to 38DD. Looking forward to having boobs in proportion... READ MORE

Scheduled to get a breast augmentation in 2 days! Since I've benefited from so many others post I thought I'd share! Here is by before pictures! I'm scared I'm going to big but too late to change now.... I was torn between saline and silicone, but I really like the sientra implant feel so I... READ MORE

My little A boobs were pretty (no kids, etc.), but I always felt a full B cup would suit me better. My rib cage is on the wider side and there is a space between my breasts and pec muscles. I knew not to expect cleavage, but I'm a little concerned that the textured implants were the wrong choice... READ MORE

Iā€™m 5ā€™9, had a 32A Cup, and weighed about 135 pounds when I had breast augmentation surgery on September 16, 2014 with Dr. Tom Pousti. Let me tell you my story. I wanted big boobs, but due to the minimal amount of breast tissue I had, every doctor I spoke with recommend adding no more than 250... READ MORE

I have done two consults in my area and felt comfortable with both surgeons. In the end, price made my decision. I am currently a 32aa and the biggest I ever got to was 34b while pregnant and nursing. I didn't even get enough to look deflated when I stopped. I've wanted implants for years but I... READ MORE

5 days until I get my new sisters! I am so excited! I have wanted this since I was a teenager & my breasts just never developed. I always joke with friends saying I look like a 10 year old chubby boy with my shirt off! It's hard to find stats on here with my size so I'm hoping this will be... READ MORE

First off let me start out by saying all the great reviews about Dr. Vath werr true! His staff and Dr. vath and his staff and the center were so nice and amazing. He did not sugar coat and he gave me all sides of the all the implant styles. The patient counselor, Carrie, was so nice and was able... READ MORE

After much, much browsing on this site I decided to make a profile so that I can ask questions of other people and share my upcoming BA. I am 27, 5ft 5 and fairly athletic. I have never been blessed so to speak in the chest area and getting implants has been something I have wanted to do for a... READ MORE

I was happy with my perky full c-cup breasts before kids. I had my first child at 29 years old. I nursed her for 16- months as I did each of her 3 brothers that came along over the course of the next 12.5 years. I started dreaming of regaining that perky fullness, and wanted to get my saggy skin... READ MORE

So I'll start with my stats: I am 32 years old 5'4 and 126lbs. I have 3 children which I breastfed. Before children I was a nice 34b. After nursing 3 babies, I lost a lot of volume and I really want the nice big boobies I had while pregnant/ nursing! I was a fullC small D while pregnant. I went... READ MORE

I had weight loss surgery in April 2013 and after losing the weight I wanted to I needed a little "pick me up" so to speak. I couldn't be more pleased with my sientra implants! They are natural looking and feel amazing. They are spectacular! I have the results I was hoping to achieve and then... READ MORE

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How much do Sientra Breast Implants cost?

The typical cost for Sientra Breast Implants ranges from $4,300-$8,248 with an average cost of $6,650. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 430 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more