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Sientra's FDA-approved silicone breast implants come in round and shaped, and smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a Capsular Contracture Care Program—a guarantee to replace your implants for up to five years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs.

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No Kids, 27 Year Old, 32A or (AA?), 5'2, 110 Lb, 235 Cc Sientra Textured Breast Implants

I've always been flat chested even when puberty hit. I get everything from my mom ie. how our menstrual cycles go, personality, health conditions...EXCEPT my breasts. My mom is a full size B and my sister is a full A cup. I barely filled a 32 A bra cup, so I'm not sure if that would have made me... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Experience :)

I'm 25 years old, weigh 96 pounds. pre-op I was a b cup and I'm not sure what I am now (I'm on day 2 post op), Went with 385 ccs, silicone under the muscle. Sientra brand and moderate profile. Here are my before pictures and I'll post some after pictures with an update soon! I'll update this as... READ MORE

23yo Student/ Mom of Toddler - Scottsvalley, CA

Just had my first consult, loved the doctor,excited that she is willing to work with my school schedule, I wish to use my December month break as recovery period. She doesn't go by in the bra sizers or by digital imaging or by CC's she goes by what you tell her you want and she will take three... READ MORE

25, One Child, Long Awaited Change - Portland, OR

Pretty sure I've watched every breast augmentation vlog on the Internet. I'm 25, I breastfed my daughter for two and a half of her five years. Pre-op was a week ago... Surgery in less than a week. I've been saving for this for four years and considering it for five. Going from a 34aa to... READ MORE

36 Year Old, Two Toddlers, Had a Breast Lift with Augmentation, Abdominal and Flank Lipo - Southlake, TX

I have always had an athletic build, but after having kids things changed. My breast sagged from breastfeeding and I could not gif rid of my belly fat and by back fat. I searched the web and that's when I found Dr. Obaid. He was very honest with me upfront. He said that I could probably benefit... READ MORE

25yrs No Kids Sientra 355cc Moderate Plus Silicone

I am 5'1 110lbs I have been thinking about breast augmentation for a few years now and decided to go through with the procedure this year Pros: I love having bigger boobs They feel amazing Look amazing My experience was great my doctor was amazing Con: the recovery hurt my friends made it... READ MORE

fitness junkie. Sientra, Mod+ 375CC, unders.

Fit, mom of 2. Lost the baby weight and now back to pre-pregnancy. 120lb, 5'1. Muscular shape but I am petite. I just tried making rice sizers and I must say I think 350-355"CC" looked perfect! In shirts, sports bra and just a bra. I loved them. I tried a few other sizes and anything 400+ looked... READ MORE

34 Year Old Sientra Moderate Profile - Bakersfield, CA

Finally doing this after many bumps in the road. I am 5'2 143 pounds scheduled for breast augmentation surgery on 11/17/16. I have chosen Sientra moderate silocone smooth round implants. I won't know the size till after procedure, my Dr. uses sizers but we are looking at around 450 ccs. Will... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5'5" 120lbs, A-Cup to 400cc Sientra

After years of contemplation I finally decided to get serious and take the plunge. I've always wanted bigger boobs and now I finally have them. I did two consultations and chose Dr. Robert Cohen. I never felt comfortable with the first PS no matter how hard I tired. I know I chose the best... READ MORE

5'3 112lbs, From 440cc textured hp to 375cc smooth mod+ - East Texas, PA

Hello ladies!! So finally I'm having my BA tomorrow!! Wow I'm so scared and nervous and excited! Lol My PS is dr. Kristi Hustak, so far she's being great as well as her staff.. Well here's my story.. I'm a mommy of two kids, the youngest just turned out 2, so after breastfed them I ended with... READ MORE

51 Yr Old Needs DD Lifted with Implants to FULL DD/DDD - Nashville, TN

I'm 5'6, 150lbs, nursed 2 children and breasts have sagged ever since. Time for me to have the breasts I've always wanted! Currently wear a 34 DD unlined bra but have to stuff my saggy skin in the bra. I can't stand not having any volume. I believe my chest can hold my desired FULL DD/small... READ MORE

440cc HP Sientra Textured Rapid Recovery - Kirkland, WA

I started contemplating about breast augmentation about 5 months ago. And finally decided to just do it about 2 months ago. My doctor was voted the #1 plastic surgeon in Washington, so I went with him. I tried on implants sizes during my consultation on May 3rd, and settled on the Sientra HP... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 300cc - Los Angeles, CA

She is good at breast augmentation. Recently got a breast augmentation with her, 300cc silentra. Pain was minimal and I was able to go back to normal routine pretty quickly. Even though it only has been two weeks since the surgery, my breast looks and feels way more natural than day1. I am... READ MORE

26yr Old, 6'2'', 145lbs - 505cc HP Sientra - Beverly Hills, CA

Worth it! I am 6'2'', 145lbs, 26 years old. Pre surgery-34A Goal-Full C, small D Surgery-Aug 2nd Post surgery size-unknown Closer to a full D, but swelling is still going down! Pictures will follow soon! Never experienced any nausea, only tightness in the chest. First day was pretty rough. My bf... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 5'5'', 136 Lbs, 34 A, Sientra Gummy Bear High Profile 505cc - San Francisco, CA

I have always wanted breasts and on 10/19 I finally had them done by the amazing Dr. Gray. I am 24 years old, 34 A, 5'5", 136 lbs, no children and live an active lifestyle. I wanted bigger breasts but more importantly, cleavage. I didn't want them to look unnatural and I also wanted to feel as... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Small/flat Chest and Going Subglandular

So, I don't normally write reviews but I've found this site really helpful so I figured I share my info as well. Hopefully its helpful for somebody : ) I'm 35, 5'10 and about 135lbs. I've had two children but didn't breastfeed either of my boys. I've always had a small chest, around a 34A. After... READ MORE

34 Years Old. Mommy of 3. Breastfed Them All. Have Wanted Boobs Since I Was 20!

I've waited so long to get my boobs done. I Want nice full beautiful breast I can feel confident about. I breastfed 3 kids and loved the way they looked big and full. Want that feeling again. I go in 23 days to get my surgery done and I'm more anxious as the days pass. I even catch myself... READ MORE

Sientra Breast Augmentation - Santa Rosa, CA

I just want to thank Dr. David Marcus for his fabulous job. Although, he was the first person I saw for my BA consultation, I knew he was the one. I felt very comfortable with him. I cannot be any happier with the results and it has only been two weeks since the surgery. Everyone kept telling me... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 3 Kids, Breastfed 2, 5'5" 113 Ish Lbs

My breast aren't saggy they just got smaller and smaller with each kid lol I was once a full B now I'm barely an A. I used to be really confident in my body, I started working out again and Im in amazing shape but some curves you cant get from working out. As of now I'm thinking the 385 cc... READ MORE

54 5'11" 165 Pounds Slender Body Frame 375/425 Sientra Gel Moderate Plus Under The Muscle Round Implants. Beverly Hills, CA

Date of surgery 6/24/26 Sientra Silicone Gel (Gummy Bears) Moderate plus 36 small B to full D 385cc left 425cc right My overall experience is has been really good, only one night that was painful, I took one my meds for pain and I was ok. The most discomfort I've had was my back from sleeping... READ MORE

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