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Sientra's FDA-approved silicone breast implants come in both round and shaped, smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a Capsular Contracture Care Program — a guarantee to replace your implants up to five years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm a tall and skinny, 26 year old mother of 3. I'm 5' 8" and 110 lbs (always struggled with putting weight on). I breast fed for a total of 24 months ( not consecutively). I have an uneven chest wall and very little breast tissue. I want to go as big as I can without looking too fake, like 2... READ MORE

After breastfeeding 2 babies for 1 year I decided to get breast augmentation. I was a B cup before pregnancies but after I went down to an A cup. I just want to be more confident and feel more femenine. I will be getting my BA this Friday November 21st... 2 more day ????????????. I went to 2... READ MORE

So... today I had finally had the breast augmentation Ive been dreaming of having since I realized I would never grow any boobs!! I must say, from reading all of the reviews I find today a lot less painful than most- but we will see how I feel tomorrow. I originally started out with a small A... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the big day! I am 38 years old, 5'7.5" tall, and 122 lbs. I am a mom to one active 7 year old boy. In July 2015, I had my first consultation appointment and started doing research. The more I learned and read, the more I wanted to feel good about my body and have clothes actually... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old and am currently a 32b in victorias secret bras although I feel like I should be defined as a AA cup size. I am 5'8" and 135 lbs. I am a mother to two beautiful children! Getting a breast augmentation is something I have wanted since I didn't develop much of anything for... READ MORE

Hi realself ladies. I am finally writing my own review after reading so many of your brave ladies' reviews. I am 28 years old, 5'6, 138# am athletic and started planning my BA about 7 months ago when my bust just decided to up and leave for no appairent reason. I have no children I did not... READ MORE

I'll be turning 30 here shortly and with that, I am getting a breast augmentation finally! I am 5'0 and weigh 104lbs and am hoping to have 425cc or 450cc (whatever my skin can handle) silicone- submuscular. I have been wanting this for myself for a long time, but have always been either too... READ MORE

Very new to this on-line community. Posting my goal pictures. Have 2 consultation appointments (with 2 different surgeons) on June 29th! I'm 5', 5 3/4" and about 135 lbs (athletic frame). Considering highly cohesive "Gummy Bear" implants with one surgeon offering a $500. price reduction for... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I am getting a breast augmentation in less than a month now and I am still trying to decide between these two sizes... I have a larger frame and weight, so my PS origianlly recommended the 525cc at the first consulatation, but he did say they would also be heavy (I like to jog... READ MORE

Hi Ladies! Like a lot of you on here I've always dreamed of having larger breasts. I did countless hours of research about breast augmentations and plastic surgeons in my area. Finally I narrowed it down to 3 doctors. I had my first consultation with Dr. Guenther in Hingham, MA on 2/20/15. He... READ MORE

Hey Girls. I've been reading reviews on this site for months and finally decided to make one. I had my surgery yesterday, April 15th. I'm 22, 105 lbs, about 5'4. Decided to get 375 CC's, "Gummy Bear" silicone implants, High profile, sub muscular. After years of wanting them, I finally saved up... READ MORE

I have been reading reviews on this site for awhile and gathered a ton of incredibly helpful information, so I thank those of you that are willing to share your journeys with us. So as I get closer to my BA I thought I would write my own review and share my experience.... I am a 33 year old,... READ MORE

Hi all, Like most everyone here, I've been thinking about getting a BA for many, many years. I recently decided to stop putting it off to "someday" and get out there to meet some surgeons. After meeting a couple of doctors and taking a couple months to think it over (including numerous hours... READ MORE

Dr. Casas is the only doctor I have ever went to see. After seeing her photo gallery, I knew she was the only one that could make my vision come true. I've always wanted to have breast augmentation surgery but was afraid of looking fake. After seeing what she is capable of doing, I knew I had to... READ MORE

I was always frustrated about how my upper body looked and always wanted bigger chest. I met with 4 different plastic surgeons who are well known in the area for their work before I decided to go with Dr. Reid. I chose Dr. Reid because of his knowledge and how much he pays attention to me. I... READ MORE

So where to start... I have been wanting a BA for at least 10 years now. Turing 30 this year and am done having kids. Breastfeed for a total of 2 years and now am a small B/A I think :). Went up to a D when breastfeeding and would like them back. Minus the milk part :). I go between 125-129 and... READ MORE

Dr. Wendel and staff were excellent. I visited 2 other top surgeons in the area and knew from the first 5 minutes Dr. Wendel would be my surgeon. From the first meeting to the last follow up, he was compassionate and personable. He listened to what I wanted and envisioned. Being a nurse myself,... READ MORE

I am set to get my surgery on May 15 and I'm so excited but nervous! I'm getting 225 cc or 250 cc silicone Sientra under the muscle implants. I am 5'3 and I am 110 pounds. In a couple months I'm going to college and something iv been worried about is people finding out. I'm very conscious and... READ MORE

Hi Realselfers! I am a 42 year old mother of 3, 5'8 and about 125lbs. I am so thankful that I found this site! I stumbled on to it when I was looking for a dr to do botox. I had never done it, or any other cosmetic procedure, and was scared but LOVE my results! I ended up going to Dr.... READ MORE

Dr Julian Gordan did an amazing job. I absolutely love my new breasts. They are the new Sientra gummy bear implants and look and feel very natural. They have only been available in the States since 2015 and I was looking for a Dr that used them since they have a life time guarantee and look and... READ MORE

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