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Bleeding and Stuffiness After Septoplasty?

10 days ago I had a septoplasty. I had no problems post op and still on antibiotics. Last night when i was cleaning the crubs inside my nose with... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Stuffy Nose 1 Month After Septoplasty? (photo)

I had septoplasty surgery 1 month ago my last Dr visit he said every thing looks great and there swollen but now my nose is stuffy again not as bad... READ MORE

Its been 2 months since Septoplasty/Turbinate reduction and I still have a stuffy nose. Will it ever stop?

More than ever.What's wrong is the snoring going to ever stop ? I sleep with a tooth guard at night hoping to breathe better and to get some sleep... READ MORE

What to Expect 2 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty?

I'm a 20 year old male that just went for open septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction about a week ago. My nose still feels very stuffy and blocked... READ MORE

Nasal passage scar tissue removal surgery suggested. What are the risks and how well does the surgery work?

About ten years ago I had my nose operated on in order to help me breathe better. Since then though it feels like I always have a stuffed up nose. My... READ MORE

I Had Deviated Septum Surgery 4 Weeks Ago Why Do I Still Have a Stuffy Nose? (photo)

My nose i had deviated septum surgery 4 weeks today on june 19 2013 my nose is still stuffy like i never got the surgery and its the same hole that... READ MORE

My nose usually stuffed only on one side, when a side clears up, the other side becomes stuffed. Any suggestions?

My nose has always been stuffy. I have had this condition since I was a small child needed braces because I needed to breathe through my mouth. I... READ MORE

Septoplasty and Turbinectomy still feel stuffiness at one month post-op?

Hello, I had a septoplasty and turbinectomy it's been exactly a month and while I may be able to breath through my nose... it is not exactly a great... READ MORE

1 months post op, is it normal for my nose to block after Septoplasty?

I did my septoplasty a month ago. i still have stuffed nose with a very sticky nasal discharge and small amount of blood. is this normal? what can i... READ MORE

3 months post septoplasty and nose is stuffed up with "crusts" and the shape is different?

I had a septoplasty and removal of a "bone cyst" in my turbinate three months ago and my nose is still all plugged up. My doctor said I have "crusts"... READ MORE

Stuffy Nose and Upper Jaw Numbness after Septoplasty. What should I do?

Hi, My name is Faisal, Septoplasty since last 6 months, problem is my nose is stuffy and my upper jaw inside mouth numbness or tightness due to... READ MORE

Why is my nose always stuffed up after breaking it?

Hi my nose is always stuffed up. I NEVER had problems breathing before I broke it. But after I broke it the doctors said I don't have a deviated... READ MORE

Should my nose still be stuffy after radiofrequency turbinate reduction?

I got an in-office radiofrequency bilateral turbinate reduction 8 days ago and my nose is still stuffy. My next appointment with the ENT is in two... READ MORE

Nasal pressure relieved by pressing on bridge of nose?

My nose consistently feels just a little stuffy. Whenever I start to get a cold I get heavy pressure in my forehead and bridge of nose. If I push up... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Septoplasty and turbinate reduction, I am still stuffy and my left ear is full again. Is this normal? (photos)

I got my stents out I felt amazing bit since then my left nostril, is now completely stuffy and my left ear is full again.I had problems with my ear... READ MORE

Septoplasty and turbinate reduction, 1 month post op and still have a stuffy nose. Why is this happening?

I'm 1 month post op from septoplasty with spur and turbinate reduction. The side with the spur and deviated septum is much better and most of the time... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty 6 Months Post Op, Nasal Irritation, Dryness and Stuffiness?

I returned to my ENT surgeon with persistent blocking, he discovered enlarged Turbinates one one side. He prescribed me Avmys, which I have been using... READ MORE

Septoplasty, turbinate reduction. My nose is stuffed and my throat is filled with phlegm. Is this part of the healing process?

I had the above surgery 5 weeks ago but but now I feel like I did pre-op. Stuffed up nose and my throat filling with phlegm. is is part of the healing... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost 3 Weeks Since my Septoplasty Surgery, I Have Headaches, and my Nose is Stuffy. What Can I Do?

I would think by now I would start feeling better, my nose isn't sore anymore, but I have a constant headache almost everyday, my nose is stuffy, and... READ MORE

Will clearing out my nostril mess up septum surgery?

Had deviated septum surgery 4 days ago, tried cleaning out stuffed nostril ( no packing in nostril) was wondering if this may have done damage to surgery READ MORE

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