I Had Deviated Septum Surgery 4 Weeks Ago Why Do I Still Have a Stuffy Nose? (photo)

my nose i had deviated septum surgery 4 weeks today on june 19 2013 my nose is still stuffy like i never got the surgery and its the same hole that got stuff up last time is this normal i see my Dr monday

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Still swollen inside

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It would not be unusual to be swollen inside your nose as early as 1 month.  Patients who smoke or who are exposed to irritants and chemicals can have a very prolonged recovery.  Be patient, you should see improvement each week.

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Recovery after SEPTOPLASTY

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Swelling is still profound at 4 weeks after a septoplasty and this causes your stuffiness.  Be sure and remember that a wet nose is a happy nose and a dry nose is always stuffy.  Keep you environment humid via a cool mist vaporizer in your room at night,  Vaseline in your nose, and saline spray in your nose.  This will help.  The full resolution of swelling is one year but you will be 90% at 6 months.  My Best,  Dr C

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