Is this stuffiness normal after septoplasty even though my packing is out?

I got a septoplasty done Tuesday and it is now Friday. On Wednesday he took out the packing, and for a little bit after I could breath but now one nostril is completely clogged and the other one is mostly clogged. Also I've been doing the neilmed sinus rinse and it only comes out of the same nostril or my throat, not the other side. I know it says it takes like 2-4 weeks to be 100%, are these symptoms normal? My doctor is out of town so my next follow up isn't for 9 more days.

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Stuffiness after septoplasty

Some swelling and tissue inflammation is normal after surgery. An examination by your surgeon would determine if all is well after the surgery. Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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Congestion after septoplasty

Nasal congestion after a septoplasty is generally expected in the postoperative period.  This is because of the swelling inside the nose.  As a result, nasal breathing gets worse before it gets better following any nasal surgery.  I would recommend that you continue with the rinse as directed by your surgeon.  With time, the swelling will subside, so you'll have to be patient.  Good luck and definitely follow up with your surgeon.  

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Stuffiness after septoplasty

It is not uncommon to have some congestion after nasal surgery. There is just some swelling which will improve over time. Packing also can lead to more irritation and prolong the congestion. Bring up these issues with your surgeon when you see them next but I always have my patients continue on the salt water rinses.

Best of luck

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