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Is This a Sign of a Deviated Septum (Symptoms: Lack of Sleep) ?

Hi, I'm a 19 year old male from London. I recieved a strong blow to my nose about 4 years ago causing it to be crooked and deviated. When I... READ MORE

I just had splints removed, 14 days post op & my son just hit my nose hard, should I go to the ER?

My son hit my nose very hard this morning by accident… My daughter and I think maybe it looks slightly shifted but I really can't tell. When I c... READ MORE

Can Insurance Cover My Deviated Septum Issues

About 10 years ago I was hit in the face with a baseball ( talking trash to my sister) , my nose has always looked fine on the outside. On the inside... READ MORE

Is septoplasty appropriate for a child?

Our 6 year old daughter had her nose knocked months ago, and we would like to get it straightened now rather than wait until she is in her later teens... READ MORE

Can an Injury to Cheekbone/orbit Result in a Deviated Septum over Time? Help!

I injured my left cheekbone three years ago and currently waiting on further investigation. My septum seems to be deviating increasingly to the right... READ MORE

Waiting on ENT Appointment for Injured Nose. Should I Be Concerned?

Called appointments today about my ENT visit only to be told that the consultant didn't sign me off for an appointment now say it'll be Monday... READ MORE

Are permanent sutures used in septoplasty behind the nose tip?

I had a septoplasty 6 months ago after an injury (closed septoplasty, no rhinoplasty). In the past week I found what I thought was a pimple or abscess... READ MORE

Is a deviated septum/nasal obstruction always permanent?

I have had multiple nasal injuries over the years, but seriously, before my injuries, my breathing through both nostrils was fantastic and I was for... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 2 years ago following an injured nose, I think my nose is botched. (Photo)

What can be done? The nose is very crooked with uneven nostrils. Can I ask the doctor for a revision (haven't spoken in 2 years) READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum from a minor injury? (Photo)

Recently bumped my nose about a week ago, no blood or pain, but im wondering if my nose is deviated or is it just swelling? i've also noticed a small... READ MORE

Realistic Expectation, Slight Bump After Injury? Before Vs After

I will be getting a septoplasty soon, but I am unsure of whether I want to remove the tiny hump from getting hit in the nose. I want my nose back... READ MORE

Sustained a nose injury and now trouble breathing. Deviated Septum?

I sustained an injury to my nose and thought it would be fine because there was no bleeding only swelling and tenderness but now after two months I... READ MORE

Will I be able to breathe like a normal person if I get a nose job?

I need to get a septoplasty. I used to have perfect breathing. However I injured my nose. Is it possible to get my breathing back just as good as it... READ MORE

Post septoplasty injury bleeding?

Had septoplasty 5 days ago. Got hit in the nose yesterday by my daughters head. One side was bleeding for about 30 minutes. What are the possible... READ MORE

Crooked nose or crooked septum following an injury? How can I tell?

I experienced a nasal trauma after rhino that shifted the entire nasal tip to the left. I also went through a poor revision that left a lot of issues... READ MORE

Did I mess up doing surgery too soon after my septoplasty? Is possible to get nasal bone reduction 3-4 months after injury?

Got punched in Dec&fractured my nose&hospital said to wait 6mons but I missed the 2 week period to fix it cause of this but in February I had a... READ MORE

Will my nose get straightened after septoplasty?

My nose got crooked after i received a kick accidentally . My surgeon performed a septoplasty to straighten my crooked nose. i am on plaster right now... READ MORE

Can "stuffiness" after minor nasal trauma be fixed?

My nose suffered from mild trauma three weeks ago. It didn't bleed nor hurt whatsoever, did feel weird after, and encountered a small clicking sound... READ MORE

I had septoplasty 3 months ago .I don't think i have injured my nose but there is mild bleeding. Any suggestions?

Today when i was travelling by bus , the driver had to apply breaks.There was a shock, but i dont think i have injured my nose . There is absolutely... READ MORE

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