Are permanent sutures used in septoplasty behind the nose tip?

I had a septoplasty 6 months ago after an injury (closed septoplasty, no rhinoplasty). In the past week I found what I thought was a pimple or abscess in the most forward part of my nose. I began picking at it trying to pop it and am afraid it was a piece of a suture (I think they call it tip-defining suture). I cannot say if my nose has changed shape. Are permanent sutures used in septoplasty and if so, has enough time elapsed that scar tissue will support the structure of my nose?

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Sutures during septoplasty

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If only a septoplasty was performed then typically all the sutures will be dissolvable; usually gone within several weeks. If any tip work was done at the same time (via closed rhinoplasty approach) then it is possible longer lasting sutures were also used. You likely have nothing to worry about but this is a question best directed back to your surgeon. Happy healing!

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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