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I Had Injections of Sculptra and Radiesse Done for the Jowls and They Are Still There? (photo)

I had injections done of sculptra and the jowl or fat pads and the extra fat at the chin just under the jaw line are still there on the side of my... READ MORE

Can I Have Hyaluronic Acid and Sculptra at the Same Time?

I won a free session of Sculptra at a plastic surgery seminar. The doctor said he would like to inject along my cheekbones. However its been 8 months... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Help Reduce Sagging Skin Around the Chin?

Will sculptra for the chin be needed again in the future? READ MORE

Blurred Vision After Sculptra

Had 1 vial of sculptra yesterday. Two injections in temples, in chin and under eyes (low & deep beneath muscle, not thin skin area close to eye).... READ MORE

How to Find the Best Sculptra Injector in Ottawa?

I tried Sculptra and was very, very pleased, however, I do not like the bumps it has left on my chin. I have been told by the dermatologist who did... READ MORE

Sculptra Removal. How Do I Break Down The Nodules So The Discomfort Goes Away?

I thought my problem was with my chin implant placed over 12 yrs ago, its been sore at times over the last 2 weeks., I got a ct scan today, bone looks... READ MORE

How to Evaluate Damage Caused by Sculptra on Chin?

I would like to know what type of x-ray machine would enable me to clearly see the underlying tissue and bones in my chin and jaw area? I'm... READ MORE

Too Much Sculptra Injected Too Close Together in Same Area?

What can you do if the doctor injects sculptra into the same area within two weeks of the first injection? Will my chin be huge or deformed looking? ... READ MORE

Do sculptra injections have to be timed close together in order to be effective? I had 2 vials four months ago.

I'm a forty two year old woman slightly below average weight. I've always been very active which keeps me fit but it's starting to show on my face.... READ MORE

What does Sculptra do to chin if injected at the back of chin upward?

I had a doctor who injected Sculptra with needle pointing straight up right behind my chin. I was wondering if that is going to make my chin longer... READ MORE

I have hard lumps after Sculptra. Could this be the cause?

Hi there I had sculptra in a few years indents around my chin area and smile lines over 1 year ago and now i have hard lumps and im freaking out. I... READ MORE

Can lots of Sculptra/Radiesse injections change your face forever?

I started the injections aged 27 and have had two lots of Sculptra, and about six lots of Radiesse. Nearly two years have gone by and my face shape... READ MORE

Sculptra Over Chin Implant?

I had a small chin implant placed 4 years ago and wile it is definitely an improvement (chin looks great from the front and quarter angles), I still... READ MORE

Should I be concerned?

My right side of chin where the worst bruise was still feels lumpy. I had the sculptra 5 days ago. first treatment . I have been massaging 5 times a... READ MORE

Can Sculptra be injected into the temples and chin?

I've had Sculptra in my cheeks and liked the results. Now I am noticing volume loss in my temples next to where my eyebrows end, as well us in the... READ MORE

How much more the Scuptra would grow and when it will completely go away?

I had 1.5ml Sculptra injected in my chin 3 months ago. I do not like it has lengthened my face and the chin looks much bigger and wider. I heard it... READ MORE

Can I have Sculptra after a fat transfer? How long should I wait?

I have just had a fat transfer to my cheeks and nasolabial folds. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with the results, as I think the sagging problem... READ MORE

I have a new large lup of sculptra on my jaw line that has increased in size. I'm 1yr 4 months post injections. Any suggestions?

I have to nodules. One feels like a frozen pea in the chin. The other us along the jawline and feels like a lump and is discolored and visible. It has... READ MORE

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