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Besides Sunken Cheeks, What Other Areas Respond Best to Sculptra?

I understand that sunken cheeks respond very well to Sculptra, what other areas respond well to Sculptra? I specifically want to use it on nasiolabial... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Used Between the Eyebrows in Place of Botox.?

I have used Sculptra to fill the nasal labial area of my face as a treatment of lipoatrophy from the long term use of HAART therapy. i have been over... READ MORE

Can Sculptura Be Injected into the Naso Labial Folds and Will It Help Get Rid of the Lines?

Can Sculptura Be Injected into the Naso Labial Folds and Will It Help Get Rid of the Lines? ive had 2 treatments of sculptra in the cheek area i... READ MORE

Long thin face with flat cheeks and shallow but permenant nasolabial fold

I'm 30 years old black woman.I used to have oval face with chubby cheeks after getting pregnant & giving birth my face became very thin the jawline... READ MORE

I am 32 years old with fairly good skin. How Long Can You Wait Between Sculptra Treatments?

Hi, I am 32 years old with fairly good skin.. But i exercise a lot so though Sculptra would be great to take away that gaunt look, and fill out some... READ MORE

Sculptra in nasolabial folds makes cheeks look more hollow: Will this improve by placing sculptra in the cheeks?

I had 3 vials of sculptra within the course of 12 weeks. 2 vials the first session and 1 vial 6 weeks later at the second session. First session was... READ MORE

What Type of Fillers Needed for Augmentation of Cheeks/Nasolabial Folds (photo)?

Hi, my cheeks seem to be getting flatter and flatter and my nasolabial folds seem to be getting more pronounced, especially when I am looking down. I... READ MORE

I have Nasolabial folds & now the appearance of Marionette lines. Should I go with Sculptra or Juvaderm?

This is my first time with any injectable!. I have a loss of volume (that i'm not too worried about) & i am uneven as the left side is more pronounced... READ MORE

I'm 31 and had sculptra done 2 years ago. My nasolabial folds look pronounced. What can be done to improve this? (Photo)

I'm looking for a board certified plastic surgeon who is willing to help me find a good solution Thanks. READ MORE

Should Sculptra Be Inejcted Directly into Nasaibol Fold?

I had a top up of sculptra after 18 months, big mistake. Had one vial over whole face, this time he injected directly into naisobal fold area, it... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Loss of Volume in Cheeks. Would Sculptra be my best option? (photos)

Attached photos are 3 years apart, with some weight loss. I used to have a much rounder face. I never loved the round face until it was gone and I was... READ MORE

Would Sculptra be the appropriate filler to treat my nasolabial folds? Which areas would you inject? (Photo)

I am a 37 years old male with pronounced nasolobial folds. I always had a bit of nasolobial folds and to be honest never liked them, but they just... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Sculptra mistake?

I got sculptra injected all over my face 11 months ago. I look like a monster. I only asked for it in my nasolabial folds however the doctor injected... READ MORE

Is this filler migrated or what?! (photos)

Like 8 years ago i went to a dr and he placed sculptra ( or so i remeber) filler in my naso labial. Ever since, i have a solid peice in my right... READ MORE

Will I have negative results later if I don't massage?

I have not been massaging 5 times a day as suggested. i do not have lumps or sorness after 2 days. this is my 2nd set of injections in the cheek and... READ MORE

Can I have Sculptra after a fat transfer? How long should I wait?

I have just had a fat transfer to my cheeks and nasolabial folds. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with the results, as I think the sagging problem... READ MORE

Would massaging Sculptra make Radiesse vanish?

I just got Sculptra and Dr told me to massage areas especially nsl folds where I had it injected and where Radiesse had previously been injected 6... READ MORE

What can I do to undo this Sculptra disaster? (Photos)

I had a baby 10 months ago, and didn't feel I looked as fresh as before the baby. A nurse suggested sculptra. I had two sessions of sculptra, one vial... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for nasolabial folds? (photo)

I am a young patient 24 and I was wondering what is the longest lasting and best treatment for my nasolabial folds, around the mouth area, corners of... READ MORE

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