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Sculptra Under Eyes

My doctor said I would benefit from using Sculptra for the little criss cross wrinkles and bagging under my eyes. I haven't read much on Sculptra... READ MORE

Can hollowing cheeks from short-term smoking be reversed?

I'm 35 and generally had decent skin, not much wrinkling to speak of (11's mostly). Always had a long face but fuller cheeks. Recently it's hollowed... READ MORE

What is the best filler to fill in hollow area below cheeks and above jaw? (Photo)

I want a filler that lasts a long time without risk of lumps or an unnatural look. How many syringes would I need and cost ? I am 40 years old and... READ MORE

Is 3 vials of Sculptra for my face too much at one time? Is it safe?

I'm 44 with a thin face. My PS wanted to do 2 vival but I talked him into doing 3 because I want to get results without having to make so many trips.... READ MORE

Sculptra for slight breast enhancement?

Hi, I've been contemplating implants for some time but the idea of surgery & foreign objects in my body is somewhat confronting. I don't want... READ MORE

Had 3 sculptra treatments. Would it be safe to get voluma now?

Hi Im in my 40s and I had 3 sculptra treatment in my cheeks so far. Spaced 4 to about 10 weeks apart. First sculpta treatment was in May, 2014, Second... READ MORE

What do you think should I spend my money on Sculptra or put my money into a mid facelift? (Photo)

I'm debating between Sculptra or a Mid facelift. I just turned 40 and money is tight so I need to spend wisely. My main concern are my saggy jowls and... READ MORE

My face is uneven after Sculptra. Should I apply more? (photos)

I had about 3 injections of sculptra during the past 13 months. I really liked but my mom (who didnt see me for 2 years) told me my face looks... READ MORE

Please tell Me there's a way to reverse Sculptra...?

I got sculptera about 6 months ago a little bit below my eyes because I had small lines due to sun damage years ago. Now my eyes look hollow and when... READ MORE

Sculptra results uneven. Is it possible each side of my face will show results at different times?

I'm 42 years old and had 2 vials of sculptra injected in my cheeks, hollow, temples and lower face in January. I went back to my doctor 6 weeks later... READ MORE

Face looks way too rounded and I do see some heaviness in my lower face after 1st session of Sculptra. Any suggestions?

35 yo male. Had my 1st vial of Sculptra injected into my cheeks 2 days ago. Wonder if the final result will be similar to the swollen look I have now... READ MORE

Do sculptra injections have to be timed close together in order to be effective? I had 2 vials four months ago.

I'm a forty two year old woman slightly below average weight. I've always been very active which keeps me fit but it's starting to show on my face.... READ MORE

Would Sculptra be the appropriate filler to treat my nasolabial folds? Which areas would you inject? (Photo)

I am a 37 years old male with pronounced nasolobial folds. I always had a bit of nasolobial folds and to be honest never liked them, but they just... READ MORE

Is Sculptra recommended on a woman who is in the middle of her weight loss journey?

Trying to get an idea as I am on a weight loss journey if I should start sculptra now or wait until I get to my idea weight? Im 42 and middle eastern... READ MORE

What's the best way to get rid of my lower eye lid bags and line? I've already tried sculptra (Photo)

I am 43 years old. Over the last couple of years I have noticed a significant line running below eye along the orb and above that larger and larger... READ MORE

What kind of fillers would you recommend for 37 year old concerned about thin face/lost volume? (photos)

I'm 37 yr old, but feel I look significantly older. I'm considering filler to remedy volume lost in my face ( ‘have you lost weight?’ questions). I a... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in Houston area who is an expert in Sculptra. My current injections lasting only 6 months

I posted a few days ago - I have had a total of 3 vials of sculptra in the last year - i had incredible results after 6 weeks ( fist vial 4/15) the... READ MORE

Can Sculptra results be modified? Had 1 vial of scluptra injected 4 weeks ago face is so puffy my smile has unnaturally widened?

36 yr F. Few acne scars on right cheek. Plastic surgeon used juvederm to fill the scars. Loved the result but only lasted a few months. Asked Doctor... READ MORE

I'm 37 yrs old & in April I had 1st session of Sculptra (target sunken area under & around eyes). Had 3rd session on July 27th.

Now it's September 29 & notice no results except I suddenly look worse. It seems overnight I developed tear troughs and terrible crepey skin. I need... READ MORE

Can someone with ulcerative colitis and on Remicade get Sculptra asthetica in their cheeks?

I am 37 years old and I have ulcerative colitis and I am on remicade. I have lost collagen and fat in my cheeks and my dermatologist suggested that I... READ MORE

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