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Sculptra in my Hands

Hi, I am considering in having Sculptra in my hands, due to my veins showing, I have very thin skin, and in the summer its worse. I am very concern... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Sculptra at Young Age? I Have A Naturally Skinny Face I'd Like To Plump.

I am a 25-year-old skinny girl who would like to have a chubbier face and therefore intend to have Sculptra injected. However, I heard that Sculptra... READ MORE

Is it unwise to consider fat transfer over sculptra to restore volume to my cheeks and temples in order to save money? (photo)

I am 31 and very athletic but not underweight. I have tried fillers and I metabolize them very quickly. I do not want to dramatically change my... READ MORE

Is One Month Post Sculptra Treatment Too Soon for Restylane Under Eye Treatment? (photo)

I am a 30 year old woman with a relatively thinned out face. One month ago, I had 2 vials of Sculptra to help with general fullness, but I'm concerned... READ MORE

Sculptra in Hands

Hi, I am considering in having Sculptra in my hands, due to my veins showing, I have very Very thin skin, and in the summer its worse. I am very... READ MORE

Risk for Sculptra with Keloid Conditions?

Im 30, chinese & had history of keloid conditions. I have recently paid for Sculptra for my face. I have just looked at the website for more... READ MORE

Long thin face with flat cheeks and shallow but permenant nasolabial fold

I'm 30 years old black woman.I used to have oval face with chubby cheeks after getting pregnant & giving birth my face became very thin the jawline... READ MORE

My face looks more toned on one side after sculptra 3 months ago. How can I disguise this problem? (Photo)

I HAD FOUR vials total to refresh my face. I'm 30. The right side looks toned and ok but the left has some howling and doesn't look firm . What... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Sculptra Filler for 29 Years Lady Who Wants Volume in Cheeks and Jawline?

Hello, I'm 29 old lady. I don't have wrinkles problems except fine lines between nose and mouth. I lost some weight recently and my face looks very... READ MORE

First treatment Sculptra overfilled and don't like the result

I'm 28 yrs old now. I've got my first Sculptra injection on my cheeks and lower face 3 weeks ago. I had to say I hate the puffy looking on my lower... READ MORE

When should a person start to use Sculptra? Is 30 too young?

When should a person start to use sculptra? Is 30 too young? My doctor said my skin still has thickness but, due to being underweight, I'm not able to... READ MORE

Can Other Fillers Cause Complications from Sculptra to Occur?

I am three months post my first Sculptra treatment from a qualified surgeon with no complications. I am 33 years old and need more correction but have... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Sculptra to Work?Can I get both Sculpra for long term results & voluma/juvederm for short term?(photo)

I am 32 and started really noticing my face change in the last 2-3 years, and that has really depressed me. I know my face looks different but I am... READ MORE

Will This Sculptra really go away & go back to my pre-sculptra face?

I'm 26 & I got 2 sculptra treatments 2 years ago. My face is the roundest it's ever been, as if the sculptra is peaking now. It's not weight gain. I... READ MORE

After the first treatment of Sculptra, I hate the result

I'm 28 yrs old. I've got my first sculptra injection on cheeks and lower face 3 weeks ago. My lower face is obviously becomes puffy now , I was born... READ MORE

I had my 2nd round of Sculptra ago.My face is distorted with no signs of collagen growth stopping.What can I do? (photos)

My cheeks were pumped upwards and sideways/it has totally changed the structure of my once delicate face. The Dr who did it refuses to acknowledge... READ MORE

I'm 30 and had Sculptra done 2 months ago. So far subtle results.. But I want to now lose 20 lbs. Will I need more injections?

I'm wondering if I will need more treatments of sculptra after the 20 lbs I want to lose. The doc said the weight loss wouldn't matter but i'm... READ MORE

Is Sculptra the best treatment for lower face volume loss? In combo, what is the best treatment for overall tightening in combo?

I'm 32 - always been thin but face has gone from heart-shaped, to long & hollow, particularly the lower half. My jawline is also less sharp, & there... READ MORE

Which is more effective at building new collagen Sculptra or Microneedling?

Hi! I am in my early thirties and am starting to notice signs of aging. I am trying to put off fillers for as long as possible so I was researching... READ MORE

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