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Remove Boils and Boil Scars from Bottom

I have alot of scaring on bottom from boils and i also get boils on bottom READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Dark Hyperpigmented Scars from Shaving my Buttocks?

How can I get rid of dark hyperpigmented scars from shaving my buttocks? They've been here like for ever..... and they won't go away. Help? READ MORE

Abscess Scar Removal?

I have a slightly raised, dark scar from an abscess on my right buttock treated a few years ago that I'd like removed. What are my best options? READ MORE

Best Method for Deep Scar Removal?

I had a staph infection about 2 years ago that started as an insect bite or something of the nature on my buttocks. Even after antibiotics the... READ MORE

How to remove black scar from my buttock? (photos)

I'm 25 year old. 5.9 inch at 113 kg weight. i have so much allergy. because of that i have so many itch surround my abdominal area and buttock area.... READ MORE

How to Correct Dent in Buttock?

My name is Gerrie and all my life I have had an indent in my right buttock about the size of a 50 cent piece or a little bigger. I have always been... READ MORE

How can I get rid of old scars caused by abscess? Would laser scar removal help? (Photo)

They are about 1-2 years old & it's on my left buttock . I used to get tons of abscess through out my body yearly & they all have left ugly scars . I... READ MORE

How to Remove Large Burn Scar on Butt? (photo)

I got burnt by a heater when I was a baby. And my left side of my butt cheek is burned and I'm 18 now. I want to know is there anywhere I can repair... READ MORE

What can be done for a cosmetic defect of the buttocks donor site from a full-thickness skin graft? (photo)

Several years ago I had 2 full-thickness skin grafts both taken from under my buttocks for scar revision elsewhere on my body. From what I know of... READ MORE

Payment Plans for Scar Removal?

Basically I was abused as a child, and I have 17 year scars on my buttocks that I'm interested in getting removed so I can move on with my life. I... READ MORE

Ways To Deal with Hypertrophic Scars?

About a year ago, I got a mole removed through excision from my left butt cheek. It healed into a hypertrophic scar about 1cm in diameter. The other... READ MORE

Under the skin, huge lump of scar tissue on buttocks

I have a fairly large lump of scar tissue under my skin on my left butt cheek. It is very noticeable, even under clothes. I had an extremely bad fall... READ MORE

Can I get these 2 scars removed after Butt Augmentation? (photo)

I had butt augmentation and now I have a scar on each butt cheek? Are these type of scars remove able? Thank you!!! READ MORE

How to get rid of ingrown hair/razor bumps on buttocks? (photos)

I need help getting rid of these razor bumps ingrown hairs.. Im not too sure if thats what they are. It all happened when i was around 12 i started... READ MORE

Vaginal/Buttock Scars from MRSA? (photo)

Scars and discoloration from boils from MRSA approx 10 years ago. Scars are inflated and deep. Tried kojic acid,obaji,hydroquine 4%. Laser treatments... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Scars in my Butt?

When i was in highschool, i was accidentally scratch it, i used different scars removal cream but it useless. i dont know what to do to remove it. READ MORE

How can I remove my scars of shame? (Photo)

3 years of dermatillomania scarring is now on my legs buttocks chest arms back neck face and scalp. I'm currently having pixel/fraxel laser done every... READ MORE

I Have a Scar on my Butt Cheek and It Looks Like One Cheek has Massive Cellulite? Would a Butt Lift Be a Good Investment ?

When i was younger I was beat with a large belt buckle, it ripped off all the skin on my left butt cheek and has always been visible scar. With age... READ MORE

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