Remove Boils and Boil Scars from Bottom

I have alot of scaring on bottom from boils and i also get boils on bottom

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Scars on buttocks

This is a more common condition than most people realize. Your dermatologist can start with a variety of prescription creams that can fade the discolouration and prevent new pimples and boils. Chemical peels can also be useful, and fractionated laser resurfacing is also quite helpful.

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Treatment for boils is the key to removing the marks

I treat this condition often and needless to say it is common.  The marks are a result of the postinflammtory hyperpigmentation following the inflamed boil.  They will resolve with time, but how long is difficult to determine.  If you never develop another lesion again, they will all go away, thus the key is prevention of new lesions.  I would recommend a benzoyl peroxide wash.  You can find this in any over the counter acne product section of your local pharmacy.  Now, if there are truly scars, which I would define by the presence of actual skin surface changes, not could consider a fractionated laser for their improvement.  However, I suggest that allowing for the pigment changes to resolve will help the appearance tremendously.  

If the benzoyl peroxide wash does not work, see a dermatologist.  You may require some prescription topical antibiotics.

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Scar Removal

See a Board Certified Dermatologist for evaluation and you may have a problem related to hair growth and need hair removal.  Be evaluated for hair and any other issues that may be present.

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