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How Long Does It Takes for Skin to Be Back to Normal After a Salicylic Acid Burn? (photo)

I just had a salicylic chemical peel for my acne. Its 2nd day now, and my face is burned in all the areas treated. The skin is getting dry, patchy and... READ MORE

Did I Just Pay to Have my Skin Permanently Damaged? (photo)

I am concerned that I was burned by salicylic peel. It hurt so much as the esthetician applied it. Now I have huge brown patches (never had before)... READ MORE

How much longer does it takes a salicylic acid burn go away?

I had flat warts over my skin. I used duofilm 20% salicylic acid and now the warts are going away but I used it a little but over the normal READ MORE

Salicylic burn on nose, will the brown skin will become white again?

I used salicylic acid in a garnier product on my face and left a dab of on the spot overnight it burnt and when i woke up the skin was darker, a few... READ MORE

How can i treat my raw skin cause of salicylic acid? I apply coconut oil on it, is it okay? (photo)

3 days ago I applied salicylic acid on my forehead because of acne and it got burnt, patchy and dry, then i peeled it off the next day. Then my skin... READ MORE

Salicylic acid peel. (photo)

Hello today i applied salysilic acid 20 % today and my face is red and looks like burnt... Then afterwards i applied bio oil.. I am literally... READ MORE

What is the probability of this acid burn mark fading to match my skin? (Photo)

I foolishly tried a regime of salicylic acid to treat a mole. The mole seemingly disappeared however...this remains. It's been a week since I've... READ MORE

Salicylic burn? (Photo)

I used salicylic acid to get away the wart. But I gives black pigmentation... I waited for more than 10 days... It will go, or it will be permanent? READ MORE

Treatment for salicylic acid skin burn? (Photo)

Burnt my skin using the clean and clear spot treatment. How can I help the healing process? How loNG will It take to heal? Will my skin return to normal? READ MORE

Peel Burned my Face. What Should I Do?

First of all sorry about my english, well i have been making some glycolic and lactic peels on my face, and they were working great but i tried a... READ MORE

Will a salicylic acid burn on the pubic area heal with out hyper-pigmentation?

I was recently diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum. The clinic I went to told me to use a salicyic acid treatment on it. Unknowingly, I bought... READ MORE

How long will it take before the burn will heal?

I put a wart remover that contained salicylclic acid in it on my face over night. And it turned into a burn. The burn turned into a scab and the scabs... READ MORE

Got skin burnt with the use of DUO FILM salicyclic solution. How can I get my skin repaired?

I used duofilm solution on my face for the the treatment of wart and my skin got burnt and its blackish now how can i get my skin repaired and spot free?? READ MORE

Any suggestions for Chemical Burn? (photos)

I got a chemical peel from a doctors office here in Japan. It was a 20% Salicylic peel. It darkened and peeled, now I'm left with bright pink skin. It... READ MORE

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