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How Long Does It Takes for Skin to Be Back to Normal After a Salicylic Acid Burn? (photo)

I just had a salicylic chemical peel for my acne. Its 2nd day now, and my face is burned in all the areas treated. The skin is getting dry, patchy and... READ MORE

Did I Just Pay to Have my Skin Permanently Damaged? (photo)

I am concerned that I was burned by salicylic peel. It hurt so much as the esthetician applied it. Now I have huge brown patches (never had before)... READ MORE

How much longer does it takes a salicylic acid burn go away?

I had flat warts over my skin. I used duofilm 20% salicylic acid and now the warts are going away but I used it a little but over the normal READ MORE

Salicylic burn on nose, will the brown skin will become white again?

I used salicylic acid in a garnier product on my face and left a dab of on the spot overnight it burnt and when i woke up the skin was darker, a few... READ MORE

How can i treat my raw skin cause of salicylic acid? I apply coconut oil on it, is it okay? (photo)

3 days ago I applied salicylic acid on my forehead because of acne and it got burnt, patchy and dry, then i peeled it off the next day. Then my skin... READ MORE

Salicylic acid peel. (photo)

Hello today i applied salysilic acid 20 % today and my face is red and looks like burnt... Then afterwards i applied bio oil.. I am literally... READ MORE

What is the probability of this acid burn mark fading to match my skin? (Photo)

I foolishly tried a regime of salicylic acid to treat a mole. The mole seemingly disappeared however...this remains. It's been a week since I've... READ MORE

Salicylic burn? (Photo)

I used salicylic acid to get away the wart. But I gives black pigmentation... I waited for more than 10 days... It will go, or it will be permanent? READ MORE

Used a salicylic acid acne pad too much/too long on an open pimple and resulted in burn. Please help! (Photo)

I had an open pimple & it was bleeding so I used my max complexion correction pads that I have for my acne & it kept bleeding anf ended up... READ MORE

I burnt healthy skin accidentally with 20% salicylic acid while treating acne, what do I do? (Photo)

I used a 20% salicylic acid to treat a pimple on my cheek and got some of it accidently on healthy skin. I now have a tiny dark spot / burn near my... READ MORE

I used a 2% salicylic acid treatment on my spots. I now have burns. Will they leave scars? How can I prevent scars? (Photo)

I used 2% salicylic acid treatment in my burns two nights in a row, I followed the instructions carefully but when I woke up the second morning I had... READ MORE

Treatment for salicylic acid skin burn? (Photo)

Burnt my skin using the clean and clear spot treatment. How can I help the healing process? How loNG will It take to heal? Will my skin return to normal? READ MORE

Will a salicylic acid burn on the pubic area heal with out hyper-pigmentation?

I was recently diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum. The clinic I went to told me to use a salicyic acid treatment on it. Unknowingly, I bought... READ MORE

Peel Burned my Face. What Should I Do?

First of all sorry about my english, well i have been making some glycolic and lactic peels on my face, and they were working great but i tried a... READ MORE

How long will it take before the burn will heal?

I put a wart remover that contained salicylclic acid in it on my face over night. And it turned into a burn. The burn turned into a scab and the scabs... READ MORE

Got skin burnt with the use of DUO FILM salicyclic solution. How can I get my skin repaired?

I used duofilm solution on my face for the the treatment of wart and my skin got burnt and its blackish now how can i get my skin repaired and spot free?? READ MORE

Any suggestions for Chemical Burn? (photos)

I got a chemical peel from a doctors office here in Japan. It was a 20% Salicylic peel. It darkened and peeled, now I'm left with bright pink skin. It... READ MORE

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