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Why Does the Nose Look Shiny and Un-natural After Rhinoplasty?

I've noticed on some people the nose looks really shiny after there rhinoplasty. Almost looks like plastic. What is the reason for some people to end... READ MORE

Wondering if my Nose Will "Soften" out at the Tip. Also Worried About Asymmetry? (photo)

I've had only tip rhinoplasty 17 days ago. I was wondering if my results will soften out. My side profile seems to be completely fine - but I am... READ MORE

Nose Looks Very Unnatural?

I had Rhinoplasty done last year and I am very unhappy with my results .I asked for my tip to be reduced . Adam kalecinski the surgeon said he would... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, when I Laugh Nose Looks Stiff and Not Quiet Natural, is That Normal? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty one and a half week ago, my nose looks smaller than it was, and natural and I'm happy with that. My upper lip is becoming more... READ MORE

Got a Nose Job Done Last Year, And Am Unhappy With Results. What Is Your Opinion? (photo)

I had a wide nose, wide bridges, wide tip, wide nosetrils. In my nose job, doctor worked on my bulbous tip to make it pointed and for my wide nose... READ MORE

Dark Circles After Rhinoplasty- Shape Change Possible?

I am 3 weeks post rhino-septoplasty. My bridge looks wider, & the corners of my eyes now butt up against it. My hereditary undereye circles are... READ MORE

Why Does Some Nosejobs Ends Up Being Pointy?

I have noticed many girls done a nosejob and it ended looking a little cartoonish ? the tip is high or bouncy looking? READ MORE

12 Years After Nose Job: Very Unhappy & Low Self Esteem?

Hello, In 2005 I underwent rhinoplasty. I completely regret my decision to have done it. Everyday I am confronted with a very bad looking nose... READ MORE

My Bridge Looks Too Thin 9 Days Post Op?

Dr says dont look at nosePlease help I'm so depressed. I am Asian and I just went to the doctor to have my splint removed. I noticed my bridge looks... READ MORE

Why do some nose job surgeries turn out looking unnatural?

What aspects of a surgery will make a patient's nose look unnatural? It is my dream to have my nose size reduced and not the shape changed very much... READ MORE

One Nostril is a Lot Smaller, and Looks Too Close to the Nose 1 Week Post Op? (photo)

My left nostril (right on pics) is a lot smaller than the right, and in my opinion not as nice as the right... It looks too unnatural, is it likely... READ MORE

Can a Nasal Tip Be Changed from a Ball Shape Back to Its Natural Form?

I had a rhinoplasty where my tip was altered and shaped like a ball and it doesn't suit my face as well as my natural tip did. Can it be fixed to look... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - 3 weeks post op and hope it's still swollen as it looks unnatural! (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post op and my nose is wonky and the bridge very big. My surgeon said he'd taken some of the bone away from the area between the tip and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to remove Depressor septi nasi muscle? Is this advisable?

I am a male who is satisfied with the overall shape of my nose except when I smile, the tip of the nose drops significantly beneath the small hump I... READ MORE

Nose has taken a circular unnatural shape after alar base reduction. I want triangular shape back. What are my options? (Photo)

A couple months post op and regret alar base reduction. Though my surgeon was great, I think my thick skin is to blame for unsatisfactory results. 4mm... READ MORE

Upturned nose looks short on my face as well as unnatural after rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinoplasty? (Photo)

I am one week after rhinoplasty, turbinoplasty and septoplasty and I am very concerned about my nose. It is very up turned and looks a lot shorter and... READ MORE

Post-op: My Bridge Looks High and My nose Doesn't Look natural - Can This be Fixed? (Photo)

My lip look not same as before and i feel my nose is hard after surgery READ MORE

Failed rhinoplasty what to do?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 month ago and it was overdone and very unnatural. Too much bone from the bridge of the nose was removed, and i lost the angle... READ MORE

How can i fix my nose? It looks unnatural after rhinoplasty (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 6 mounths ago ,i had a hump that was shaved ,the bridge narrowed and the tip lifted ,and now my nose look unnatural , what kind of... READ MORE

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