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Does your nose get thinner as you age?

My nose is a bit wide,but when I smile it gets very wide! I am 16,Caucasian,and I'm considering to do a nose job in future to slim my nose. But I'd... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Thinner the Bridge Without Touching the Tip of the Nose? (photo)

Hello,Dear Doctors.My question is whether it is possible to have an osteotomy of the bridge of the nose without touching the tip?My bridge after first... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Thinner?

I was wondering if surgery could make my nose thinner. I'm Asian and I have a pretty fine nose, but I wish my nostrils were smaller and closer... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Rhinoplasty if Done in Conjunction with Insurance Covered Septoplasty? (photo)

I'm looking at having my deviated septum fixed after I'm done breast feeding. At the same time I would like to have the rhinoplasty done to narrow my... READ MORE

Is a Bulbous Nose with a Thin Bridge a Problem with the Skin or Actual Bone? (photo)

Hi, I'm an 18 year old teenager and I've never liked my nose. I've always found it bulbous and not matching with my face. My friend once tried to thin... READ MORE

My Nose Can Be Thinned with Surgery? What It Will Cost? (photo)

My nasal bone is thick & there is little asymmetry in my nose i.e. my nasal bone is straight wall like on my right side while curved bone on left... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Narrow a Wide Nose Bridge and Define the Tip Without Grafting?

I have a wide nose bridge with a square base that widens when I smile. I'd like to narrow my nose bridge and tip and reduce the alar. My nose looks... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: These Are the Results I'd Like to See. Can It Be Done, and What Has to Be Done? (Photo)

I've been wanting a nose job for a really long time, here are a few photos showing what I'd like to change. Please tell me if it can be done and what... READ MORE

I Want my Nose to Be Thinner, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I don't like how my nose is wider than my nose ridge. Right now my nose is like a cone shape (Bridge smaller than nose) I wanted to get surgery to... READ MORE

Is Asymmetry Because of Swelling After Rhinoplasty Cast Removal? (photo)

I had an implant placed on top(cause my bone structure was too thin to shave down the top/sides)and nostrils/tip taken in. When I got my cast off the... READ MORE

What Would Need to Be Done to Make my Nose Tip Refined and Thinner and to Get Rid of the Bump? (photo)

I have been wanting to get a nose job ever since i was 15 and when i turn 18 im going to do it. I just feel such low self esteem and try to turn my... READ MORE

How can I make my nose thinner? (Photo)

My nose so wide and looks fat,I want to thinner and small, I want to know more about this surgery's details and how much average cost?Thanks:D READ MORE

Does changing your side profile noticably change how your nose looks from the front? (Photo)

The question says it all- Does changing your side profile noticably change how your nose looks from the front? If my nose gets any thinner it'll look... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty -bulbous Tip? (photo)

Hello, i have a question.... Im looking to have a rhinoplasty, My bridge is a bit wide and my tip is bulbous and a bit downward When i smile it goes a... READ MORE

Will Bridge of Nose Settle and Not Look So Thin and Pinched?

Hi I literally just had cast removed after 11 days having had rhino reduction and septoplasty, in shock to be honest, nose looks unbelievably thin and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a nose job? (Photo)

I am 35 yrs old and noticing my nose changing and getting larger. Can this happen? I wanted to ask if you thought I would be a good candidate for a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: What Should Be Done? (photo)

The dorsal subunit as well as the right and left dorsal side wall subunits should be made thinner.Then my question is if any other part of my nose... READ MORE

Does my Nose Have Any Hope of Getting Thinner? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty (no tip work) 3 months ago, and now my nose seems really wide from the front after removing the dorsal hump especially the... READ MORE

What Exactly Would Be Done? And How Much Would It Cost?

My nose has a somewhat large dorsal hump, a droopy nose tip that is bulbous and hangs over even more when i smile, and the bridge of the nose and tip... READ MORE

Could I Achieve a More Megan Fox Sequence Face?

I would love to have the tapered face and thin nose! Is it possible? What procedures would have to be done? READ MORE

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