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Does Scar Tissue Softening Go Hand In Hand With a Decrease In Swelling?

I had my primary Rhinoplasty 10 months ago and my tip is still pretty hard/firm and swollen looking. I've heard that swelling will subside and... READ MORE

Restylane Vs Rhinoplasty to Widen & Soften Face?

Hello, I have a long narrow face with undefined cheeks & cheek bones; therefore my face looks flat. My doctor has suggested restylane in my cheeks... READ MORE

Wondering if my Nose Will "Soften" out at the Tip. Also Worried About Asymmetry? (photo)

I've had only tip rhinoplasty 17 days ago. I was wondering if my results will soften out. My side profile seems to be completely fine - but I am... READ MORE

How can I tell if my cartilage in my nose has collapsed?

Compared to the beginning of 2014, the cartilage in the tip/bridge area of my nose has become more boney. It use to feel softer but now I can only... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face look more soft and feminine? (Photo)

I feel as if the major problem is my nose. Is there anything else going on here that u can address to tone down the rough edges? Thank you READ MORE

The nose tip cartilage on the right side is different from the left side, in particular on one side is tougher (harder), why?

If I touch my nose tip on the right side i clearly feel the cartilage and it is really hard in fact if I touch it "cracks" while on the left side it... READ MORE

How can one soften internal scar tissue fast?

I have scar tissue from a nose job last year. The doctor added some unknown procedure placing small piece of ear cartilage under the philtrum directly... READ MORE

Straight or curved nose? (photos)

I need a nose job and chin implant. For the nose job I'm wondering if you think my nose should be straight or scooped (curved)? I posted some pics... READ MORE

Possible to make nose softer or less defined? (Photo)

My nose has a very defined and narrow bridge and really defined nostrils, can I get my nose to have a bit of a softer bridge and close to no... READ MORE

Cartilage showing very white tip. Happy with dr and nose but not cartilage show and want as many experts to weigh in. (photos)

7 mo post op, thin skin before surgery and now cartilage shows even more through the tip. No grafts were placed in my nose, tip just shaved down. My... READ MORE

Will this Grinch look go away? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty because of a broken nose 20 years back. I am now one month post op. I had cheek fat grafting done at the same time. My face feels... READ MORE

I want a smaller nose. Can I get a Rhinoplasty? And will it suit? (photos)

Had 1 consult, surgeon would want to add cartilage to make nose wider and add to top of nose to even out hump, and lower tip. I want a smaller softer... READ MORE

My Nose Tip Soften 2 Weeks After Nose Job?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago my nose tip feels soft no any stiffnes ...but its still looks big...will this be my final so... READ MORE

Small bump was revealed at the site of large bump removal when cast was removed - minimally invasive options? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty one week ago to reduce a bump on my bridge. After cast removal a bump was still there, smaller than before but noticeable. My... READ MORE

Considering Rhinoplasty & chin implant. Any suggestions? (photos)

I would like a softer more feminine face I hate how wide & shapeless my face is, I mainly want verticle chin, I love a heart shaped face & want quite... READ MORE

Any thoughts on what available to fix my nose? Does it appear that I have a high bridge and bulbous tip? (photos)

For as long as I can remember I've been overly conscious of my nose to the point that my kids now have zero pictures with me in the photo. It appears... READ MORE

Why 6 Years Post OP is my Supratip Area Soft and Squishy?

I had a rhinoplasty 6 years ago. I know that septal cartilage was removed for a tip graft. 6 years later, my supratip area is still soft/squishy and I... READ MORE

My nose looks odd after kenalog injection. Any suggestions?

Had a kenalog injection one week ago. My PA used it to soften cartilage in my tip. Now my skin looks translucent and the cartilage of one sign appears... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty worth it? I'm looking to soften my profile and make my tip less bulbous. (Photo)

I'm not looking for a pinched look, just something more feminine and natural looking. Also, my nose looks asymmetrical, especially near my septum and... READ MORE

Is it possible to tone down and soften a tip that has been made too pointy?

Is it possible to tone down and soften a tip that has been made too pointy? I'm referring to the very tip of my nose. I would like it to look softer... READ MORE

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