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Would I Know if I Accidentally Pulled out a Stitch from Rhinoplasty?

I was cleaning my nose gently with a q tip (one week post op) and I noticed a little plastic (looked like a thread) stick straight out, I wasn't... READ MORE

I Pulled out a Very Long Stitch 1 Month Post Op Septorhinoplasty. Did I Just Ruin my Results?

I got a septorhinoplasty 1 month and 1 1/2 weeks ago. Today when I blew my nose a large clot of (sorry) boogers was coming out of my nose. I had to... READ MORE

What if I Accidently Pulled a Suture and Now the Inside of my Nose is Swollen and Tender Where It Was Pulled?

What if I Accidently Pulled a Suture and Now the Inside of my Nose is Swollen and Tender Where It Was Pulled? READ MORE

I just want the skin pull up on my nose. Is this possible?

I do not want a full rhinoplasty. I like my nose when I just pull up the skin on the bridge of my nose with my index finger to make it shorter. This... READ MORE

My nose is ruined due to severe sinus infections. Is it possible to get nose back to its previous shape? (photo)

Past year I had severe allergies/sinus infections, and pulled/tugged on my nose as a result due to bad habit. My nose got stretched and wider, so I... READ MORE

Stitch Got Pulled While Cleaning 20 Days After Rhinoplasty?

I was cleaning my nose and i saw this cristed looking boogers so of course i just had to pick at it and when i tried to take it off i felt a wierd... READ MORE

My Friend Pulled my Cheek After Rhinoplasty. Will my Nose Be Ok?

I am 17 years old and I had rhinoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago. It wasn't a big procedure, I just had my tip raised and lower lateral straightened... READ MORE

Pulled out a dissolvable stitch after Rhinoplasty (two weeks post operation). Could it effect my rhinoplasty results??

Hello, I am two weeks post-op and today was gently touching my nose, then felt something inside my nose and decided to pull it out (thought it was... READ MORE

Suture Pulled out Just Below "Lateral Crus", Did I Damage Results?

Hi. I got rhinoplasty about 2 months ago. Anyways, 1 week post op, the doctor removed the internal splints about 3 days after this, the inside of my... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Rhinoplasty, I accidentally pulled an internal stitch. Will this affect my result?

I had closed rhinoplasty performed 3 weeks ago. Today while I was cleaning my nose, I saw something slightly projecting out of my nostirl and I... READ MORE

Is pulling the skin up to shorten the nose a common procedure with Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty a couple of years ago, I felt my nose was too long. My doctor pulled the skin up to make my nose shorter. About a year after the... READ MORE

I pulled out a dissolvable stitch 5 days (including surgery day) after rhinoplasty, should I worry?

I pulled out stich with dried blood not knowing that i had stitches inside my nose where my incisions were and it started to barely bleed. I do not... READ MORE

Skin being pulled tightly by alar crease after alar reduction! (photo)

A year ago, I had an alar reduction, but it seems as though the surgeon made the incision way too high and deep into the alar crease - esp left side.... READ MORE

Have I ruined my nose??! (photos)

It all started one year ago when I had ocd with how pointy my nose was, because once I realized I could see my nose at all times I got really bothered... READ MORE

Accidentally pulled suture out 6 days post rhinoplasty. What should I do?

I had rinoplasty 6 days ago and I just had my external splint removed today. My PS explained how to clean and remove dried blood via a q-tip and... READ MORE

Can scar tissue cause retracted nostrils?

I had septorhinoplasty and alarplasty 3 months ago ps told me I developed scar tissue that will go away on its own I think I have minor nostrils... READ MORE

2 months after Rhinoplasty: Why are my nostrils so uneven? Why is there so much tightness and pulling on the left side? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 2 months ago to fix unevenness and extreme flare in my nostrils. Now, I can't smile without my nose looking deformed. One nostril is... READ MORE

Pulled/snipped a dissolvable septum stitch after septorhinoplasty

I'm really worried that I've ruined an important stitch. A dissolvable stitch that went through my septum and was knotted on one side was really... READ MORE

Do I need an alar base reduction, weir excision or anything to correct my nose status post lip lift 8 months ago? (Photo)

You can see my nostrils and tip have been pulled down and the curvature of my nostril is almost gone. The tip is pulled down and is worse when I smile... READ MORE

I'm male, 6 wks post complex open revision rhinoplasty, with rib graft. Can anything be done about the scar from my rib graft?

The rib graft incision was made about 1/2" above the natural crease in my pec muscle, literally through the muscle. The skin itself is healing well,... READ MORE

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