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What's up with my off center nose and is it fixable? (Photo)

I truly believe my nose has gotten more off centre as I have aged..Is this possible? or have I just become more aware of it? What I really want to... READ MORE

Reusing Cartilage in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago and my nose looks lumpy, and one side is indented giving the nose an off centered appearance. My doctor says the... READ MORE

Is a nose that is off centered with the midline of the face fixable?

About 10 months ago I had double jaw surgery which was due to a crossbite. My nose is now off centered with my face. The left nostril droops and is... READ MORE

What Will It Take to Fix my Nose? Approx Cost and Difficulty As Well As Prognosis and Previous Instance? (photo)

My nose has been broken before, however it has always been a little off center...I am not sure how much of the defect is due to natural causes and how... READ MORE

The Rib Cartilage Graft on Nose Bridge is Not in the Center. Can It Be Fixed?

Hello, I have a question about my recent rhinoplasty. About 7 months ago, I had an augmentation rhinoplasty with a rib cartilage graft and I have... READ MORE

Im 3 Weeks Post Op and Worried my Nose is Going to Stay Crooked? (photo)

My nose was always looked different from each side but it was never this off center and crooked looking especially from the front profile and under... READ MORE

6 days after Rhinoplasty. Columella seems off center and nose very upturned. Is this likely to be permanent?

I had a rhinoplasty performed to refine a bulbous, droopy tip and minor deviated septum. I am still wearing tape and a cast, but beginning to get... READ MORE

I am unhappy with the results of my Rhinoplasty. How do I voice my concerns without offending my surgeon? (photos)

Hello I had rhinoplasty in November to reduce the length the tip and some bone work and my nose was large and off centre to begin with and I had... READ MORE

Is my septum deviated? If so, would you recommend corrective surgery? (photos)

I'm wondering if my septum is deviated. As someone who has experienced sleep apnea, I've begun to consider the possibility that my septum is deviated.... READ MORE

Overcorrected Nose Tip?

My doctor overcorrected my tip to the point where it looks worse than it was before the operation. The same day i came home after the operation i... READ MORE

My nose isn't in the middle of my face after rhinoplasty. Can it be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 6 months ago to fix my double tipped nose. The surgery went fine but I noticed that my nose is not in the middle of my face isn't... READ MORE

What has happened to my face after revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty? (Photo)

I had it done a month ago. Fat on upper inner left eye and some inner lid has gone. It looks my nose has been moved too far right which has left a gap... READ MORE

Could my off Center nose be fixed? Bones starting between my eyes need to be corrected (photos)

The bridge of my nose is not flat it's steeply rounded and completely off Center. It would seem the entire nose bones from between my eyes are all of... READ MORE

My nose is off centered due to my asymmetric face, can it be fixed?

Hey doctors,my face is asymmetrical,my upper jaw is a little more to the right side and is also slanted and that is why my nose has got offcentered.I... READ MORE

My nose was broken 7 days ago. It is now slightly off center. Can it be fixed?

I was hit by a cyclist and fell to the pavement. My nose was smooshed to the right and I pushed it back to the middle of my face. I made an... READ MORE

Cast just removed and nose/ bridge off center? Tip and bridge pointing/ leaning to the left? (photos)

Surgery six days ago and cast removed yesterday. Nose is off sits more/ leans on the left side. The tip also points to the left. Could... READ MORE

I need to know if Rhinoplasty can fix my nose? (photos)

I previously asked if my nose can be fixed by a rhinoplasty doctors said it will be easier for them to answer the solution to my problem if i upload a... READ MORE

I had septorhinoplasty 2 days ago with a lip lift. I'm worried about the columella. Does it look off center to you? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty 2 days ago along with a lip lift. I'm worried about the columella - it seems slightly off centre where it joins my upper lip... READ MORE

How can I make a broken nose straight? (Photo)

My nose was broken 15 years ago. All they did is rubbing the upper right of the nose. Some try to brake bone to make it shift from right to left but... READ MORE

What are my issues 9 months after closed septorhinoplasty? Frontal view is botched. What am I seeing and how is it fixed? (Photo

Closed septorhinoplasty 9 months ago. Nose seems stable. BEFORE: high dorsum, hump, overprojected bell-shaped bulbous tip, long, wide, flaring... READ MORE

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