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I Got into a Fight 3 Days Ago and my Nose Was Hit Hard Should I Go to the Doctor?

Moderate blood loss when it first happened from nosebleed, my shirt was soaked in blood, I've woken up the past nights with my nose clogged with dried... READ MORE

Is Having Bloody Mucus and a Pinkish Fluid Dripping from Nose After Septorhinoplasty Normal?

A day after surgery my nose became blocked and it was very uncomfortable. Blood stopped rushing out my nose instead a white fluid mixed with blood... READ MORE

Is Mucus Pouring out from Nose with Blood Normal After Septorhinoplasty?

Its the third day after surgery and i have yellow mucus mixed with blood running from my nose. the mucus inside is blocking up my nose and im not able... READ MORE

Nose bleeding! Help PLZ! 6 months post-op. Is this normal? (Photo)

It's been 6 months after my rhinoplasty and septo surgery. I bleed from this one side of the nostril frequently. I told my doctor that it was... READ MORE

Weird Nosebleeds After Rhinoplasty?

I had a closed rhinoplasty with L shape silicone implant & nose tip reduction 5 months ago. It was healing well until I started having mild... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Steroid Injections in This Rhinoplasty Case? Should I Avoid Them and Just Wait to Re-do Surgery? (photo)

I had nosebleed 8 days after rhinoplasty, I went to ER they used merocele nasal packing (see pic) left for 5 days. My front has been damaged by this... READ MORE

My left nostril started bleeding 5 weeks after rhinoplasty is this normal?

I was blowing my nose as normal when I felt something tickle the inside of my left nostril, I ignored it and blew my nose once again. After I did, the... READ MORE

Under what circumstances would septorhinoplasty be covered by insurance? (photos)

My deviated septum is caused by a deviation in the structure of my nose. I am prone to sinus infections an and have trouble breathing. I also have... READ MORE

I'm having nose bleeds every day when I blow my bose

I started a new job two months ago and every since then, blood comes out of my nose when I blow it. All the time. It's not heavy, just speckles. I... READ MORE

Can an orgasm cause nose bleeds after Rhinoplasty?

I'm over 2 weeks post op and healing very well. But I just got my first nose bleed. It happened right after I had an orgasm (no partner involved, no... READ MORE

Should I have a nose job at the age of 15? (Photo)

I've always had a nice small nose until I became the age of 10, my nose started getting bigger and bigger, by my nose I mean the bone on my nose... READ MORE

I Had a Nose Job to Remove a Hump I Didn't Like and I Was Fine Until Nose Bleeds Came, is This Normal?

I was fine up until the morning of day 8 when i had a nosebleed I ended up spitting a blood clot and two blood clots from my one of my nostrils then... READ MORE

Pseudoephidrine & loratidine - breathe right nose strips; can I use these after septoplasty and partial terbinctomy prosedure?

I had septoplasty and partial terbictomy operation 3 days ago , just today doctor remove nose gauze plug and i suffer from stuffy nose ,difficulty... READ MORE

1 week post op of Rhinoplasty, the recovery seemed to be improving until today I have nosebleeds. Is this typical?

I went to work, my nose started to drip bright red blood from one nostril. I figured it would be temporary, however it has not stopped for 4 hours now... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty 1 Week Ago and Last Night While I Was Sleeping I Suddenly Had a Nose Bleed?

I did not participate in any strenuous activities. My nose also feels really blocked and i cant get any air from it. Is there a reason for my nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty cast removal caused nose to bleed slightly. Is this normal?

I had my nasal cast removed today, 7 days post operatively. The nurse who removed my cast commented on how "very stuck on" my cast was still. My cast... READ MORE

My gf has been problems breathing on her left side of her nose, what could this be?

Her nose was bleeding before, but it went away then she claims that a bump of some sort is inside and hurts when she touchs it..the outside of the... READ MORE

Why should one not blow their nose after rhinoplasty? is it simply to prevent nose bleeds or are there other reasons as well?

I have had nasal septal surgery and not been particularly congested and therefore started blowing my nose (without touching it or obstructing one of... READ MORE

My right nostril bled after severe crying and yelling for 3 hours (one month post op) will this affect my rhinoplasty result?

I am exactly 30 days post op from rhinoplasty (silicone implant, osteotomy, Tiplasty and alar reduction) tonight my partner and I got into a huge... READ MORE

Can I use Ponaris nasal enrollment for dryness? It is safe?

Hello, I have used a lot of different brands of saline sprays, ointments and gels for my dry nose but none of then help a lot. One of my friends use... READ MORE

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