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Cleaning Nose with Cotton Swab After Rhinoplasty

I'm 6 weeks Post-op and I've been gently swabbing the inside of my nose with a cotton swab to remove mucus. It doesn't hurt at all but... READ MORE

Small Meaty Fleshy Blob Came out of Nose in Blood and Mucas After Surgery?

I didnt cough it up nor blow it out, more reversed blew (snorted i guess) mixed in with the blood and mucas was a rubbery, flesh colored little ball..... READ MORE

Mucus Build-Up 1 Month Post-op Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty a month ago and during the second week i noticed that i had difficulty breathing in the night and in the morning when i woke up.... READ MORE

Is is Normal to Have Lots of Mucas/snot Post-op Rhinoplasty?

I am 4 days post-op and have a yellowish mucas/snot continuously coming out of my nose. Is this normal? I feel like I have to hold a tissue up to my... READ MORE

Big Yellow/green Stretchy Boogers Coming out of the Deep End of the Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Im exactly 2 weeks post op. Ever since 3 days ago, as my sinuses have started to clear up, I have started experiencing these big, gooey in texture,... READ MORE

When Will the Mucuous Crust Attached to Internal Sutures Come off After Septorhinoplasty?

I have undergone my septo rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago.Internal sutures are dissolved or fallen off on their own. I still have lot of mucuous crust... READ MORE

Cracked Nasal Cartilage?

My helmet slid up and caught my nose at hockey practice last Monday. My nose started hurting immediately following and swelled slightly. It is not... READ MORE

3 Months After Rhinoplasty, Had Mucous and Blood Come out of Nose, What Precautions Should I be Taking?

I got surgery 3months ago for septum deviation and excess skin but still feeling stuf nose and mucous draining into throat and today morning i am... READ MORE

Nose Getting Bigger After Inserting Q Tips Inside

Hi Doctors! I did my rhinoplasty on the 19 of april, it went smoothly, normal bruising and swelling as expected, then after a week it began to appear... READ MORE

Overproduction of Mucus in Left Nostril AFter Septo/Rhino?

I had my rhinoplasty/septoplasty done about 2 weeks ago. Since 3-4 days after my surgery I've had an excessive amount of mucus in my left nostril,... READ MORE

Bloody Mucous Coming out of Nose 5 Days After Rhinoplasty?

It's been 5 days since I had a combined rhinoplasty/septoplasty and I assume it was a fairly big operation because I had a fairly big nose. I've... READ MORE

7 days post septoplasty. I have yellow/green mucus coming out of my nose and a ton pressure in my sinuses. Is this normal?

The only way I can relieve the pressure is to slightly blow through my nose to get the mucus out. No packing or splint was used in my surgery. READ MORE

Can I Make my Nostrils Bigger by Blowing, Moving, and Opening Them Too Much with the Nose Muscles After Rhinoplasty?

I had Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty done about three weeks ago. I've been getting really bothersome mucus that makes my nose itchy, crusty and... READ MORE

3 months after sinus rhinoplasty surgery. Is it normal to have yellow mucous discharge?

I have done 3 months ago rhinoplasty sinus surgery ,fixed deviated septum ,cleaned out sinuses and enlarged turbinates reduction recently yellow... READ MORE

What are causes for nose whistling after Rhinoplasty? Could my doctor have narrowed my nasal valves too much?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty about 5 months ago and notice constant whistling since cast removal. Whenever I look this up I see that the main cause is... READ MORE

Is Mucus Pouring out from Nose with Blood Normal After Septorhinoplasty?

Its the third day after surgery and i have yellow mucus mixed with blood running from my nose. the mucus inside is blocking up my nose and im not able... READ MORE

8 days post op Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty, I'm facing mucus problem, runny nose, cough and slight ear pain. Is this normal?

I already took antibiotics, throat pain killers - everything that my surgeon prescribed. I am very uncomfortable with my runny nose and mucus... READ MORE

4 Days Post Op, Right Nostril Still Stings. Blood, Non Dripping Also in Nostril Since Op and Hasnt Gone?

I had a rhinoplasty four days ago and my right nostril stings for most of the day. When I wake up theres always a little blood coming out of the... READ MORE

Did not blow/pick my nose off all boogers and mucus until 6 months after Open Rhinoplasty. Could this affect the final results?

So around a year ago I had an open Rhinoplasty and a septoplasty performed. The doctor put some grafts in my nose in order to make it so I could... READ MORE


I had revision surgery 3 months ago, after first surgery attempt a year ago .. My breathing is improving, but my nose is very dry and not producing... READ MORE

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