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Functional Rhinoplasty Procedure to Alleviate Allergies?

My nose never really bothered me until about 2 years ago, when I started getting allergies and lately everytime I get a cold I get migranes and also... READ MORE

Will a Rhinoplasty Alleviate Breathing Problems and Possibly Migraines? (photo)

I've wanted to have my nose done for a long time,not just because of how it looks. I believe that the inner workings of my nose are behind my... READ MORE

I frequently have migraines and sometimes find it difficult to breathe. Will Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

I have United Healthcare and I have a deep 'nasofrontal angle'. I frequently have miagraines and sometimes find it difficult to breathe. Would I be... READ MORE

Are migraines normal almost 2 years after rhinoplasty? Plus my nose is always congested. Did I have a botched nose job?

I had open rhinoplasty last October when I was 24 - bridge was shaved down, nose had to be broke and my tip got refined. I never had migraines before... READ MORE

Breathing issues and Closed Rhinoplasty consultation. (photos)

I just booked my consultation for rhinoplasty. I have read the surgeon I am consulting with only preforms closed rhinoplasty. Here's my situation: I... READ MORE

I am a 52 and was wondering if its possible to have rhinoplasty at my age? will anastasia affect my health?

I am a 52 year old female, I suffer from tension migraine. was on medication (topamax 25mg/day) for five years but came off 4 months ago. I do... READ MORE

Office exam or CT to diagnose a deviated septum?

Went to the dr he did an office exam said I have a deviated septum which is the cause for migraines over left eye and sinus pressure in cheeks and... READ MORE

Could you tell me the specific things I would need done to make my nose straighter and better fit my facial features? (photo)

My nose deformity came from an injury when I was young so it slants to the right. This has caused migraines since I was little, breathing problems and... READ MORE

How can I find doctors willing to do minor procedure before revision septorhinoplasty?

I live in Michigan and had septorhinoplasty. The surgery and recovery went very bad. I also have a lot of scaring and totally formed nasal adhesions.... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum and should I get it repaired? (Photos)

When I was born my nose was smashed to the side. I have always had problems breathing through both sides of my nose. I also suffer from sinus... READ MORE

Why can't I take certain pain killers before surgery? Do I need to postpone it?

Yesterday I had a hemoplegic Migraine and the medication my neurologist prescribed to me has acetamin in it, it was too painful not to take it and... READ MORE

Can a deviated septum make the nose appear wider?

I sustained nasal trauma after augmentation rhinoplasty. Ten months later I had a horrible migraine and felt something move in my nose. I got a CAT... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my nose bump?

Hello,i am 21 yo i have a nose bump it is ugly i don't want to go out i have psychic problems because of it and i want to do an aesthetic but my... READ MORE

Scheduled for a turbine reduction, deviated septum and a sinusplasty. Does all of this sound reasonable?

At this time, I do not have any or very little nasal congestion. I have had bilateral ear infections, migraines and all around sickness since January... READ MORE

What is a good guess on the price of fixing my broken nose? Or reconstructing it? (photo)

I get migraines on same side where impacts occurred. Trying to straighten out my nose, shave down bone that pokes out and possibly reconnect cartilage... READ MORE

Can an open septorhinoplasty cause retinal migraines ?

I had An open septorhinoplasty with turbo removal 10 days ago. Today while I was out my left eye started losing vision and I was seeing very blurry... READ MORE

I have migraine pain after badly healed rhinoplasty. Can a revision fix this?

I am 1 year post op, w/a poorly healed rhinoplasty including ear cartilage and a columellar implant; there's shifted ear cartilage & scar tissue on... READ MORE

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