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How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Smoke Marijuana?

My rhinoplasty is today and I was wondering how long can I smoke after Rhinoplasty? I'm not a heavy smoker at ALL. READ MORE

I've Smoked Marijuana 3 Times After my Rhinoplasty in the 1st Week, Will It Change the Form of my Nose?

Hello.. I am a bit worried, today is sunday and i've had my open rhinoplasty done last saturday. After it was done I've smoked marijuana 3... READ MORE

Will smoking marijuana affect general anesthesia in any way?

I have a rhinoplasty on June 4th. I last smoked marijuana on May 30th and I was wondering if this will interact with the anesthesia. I was an... READ MORE

Smoking Marijuana Before/After Rhinoplasty?

I am having a closed rhinoplasty procedure on July 29. I'm wondering at what point before the surgery I should stop, if any (I've read anywhere from... READ MORE

Smoking a Little Bit a Week Before Closed Rhinoplasty?

I am 1 week pre-op and yesterday I smoked a blunt- marijuana wrapped in a tobacco leaf. I've stayed away from tobacco for 2 weeks pre-op (I was a... READ MORE

Smoking Medical Marijuana After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I live in California where medical marijuana is legal. I had a rhinoplasty one week ago and am wondering when I can resume smoking medical marijuana.... READ MORE

I Smoked Marijuana 5 Days After Rhinoplasty, What Damage Have I Done?

I Smoked Marijuana 5 Days After Rhinoplasty, What Damage Have I Done? READ MORE

I Smoked Weed Last Night, and my Nose Surgery is Tomorrow. Will This Affect the Surgery in Any Way?

I wont lie i am pretty heavy on the weed. I do it like almost every other day. and i smoked last night and i forgot i have nose surgery tomorrow. READ MORE

How Long After Open Rhinoplasty Do I Have to Wait Before Smoking Marijuana? Honest Answer Please

I am one week post op from open rhinoplasty. My cast is removed, my stitches are removed. My bruising is gone and I have minor swelling. I'd like to... READ MORE

A Week After my Rhinoplasty Procedure I Began to Smoke Marijuana Daily. What Exactly Have I Done to my Nose?

I had my rhinoplasty done in December of 2011. A week after it was done I began to smoke marijuana time to time and then by January it became daily, I... READ MORE

Is vaporizing marijuana safe after septo/rhinoplasty?

I just had a septoplasty with minor rhinoplasty adjustments two weeks ago, so far the healing is going well, still a bit swollen as normal for now. I... READ MORE

What is Increased Sub Q Scar Tissue for Rhinoplasty?

Ive smoked marijuana 4 times only, after my surgery (open rhinoplasy) out of white papers within the same and 1st month, I know not a wise descion. I... READ MORE

Weed and Rhinoplasty?

Dear doctor: My friend has used weed for almost 5 years and now he's going to have a nose it really safe? I'm worried plz tell me what u think READ MORE

How Long After Receiving Rhinoplasty/septoplasty Can One Ingest Medical Marijuana Edibles?

I am healing from a rhinoplasty as well as a septoplasty, have a medical marijuana card and the vicodin doesn't seem to be helping with the pain that... READ MORE

When Can I Smoke Marijuana After my Rhinoplasty?

Please don't say "you should quit" or "it is bad for you". I just want to know how long I should wait before smoking again. I am 3 months post op.... READ MORE

Can Smoking Marijuana Post Rhinoplasty Effect Turbinates?

I had reconstructive nose surgery(re-brake of nose and fixed deviated septum no tip work done) 3 weeks ago. I smoked marijuana 2 weeks after surgery 3... READ MORE

Can ingestion of marijuana edibles slow down the healing process after a Rhinoplasty?

I am a medical marijuana user and I was wondering if there were any harmful affects of eating marijuana foods while healing from a Rhinoplasty. I... READ MORE

Does Smoking Cannabis Affect Your Healing?

I am 1 month away from my rhinoplasty surgery and have quit all smoking, however I was wondering about after surgery ? Or edibles. READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty with Silicone Augmentation Can I Consume Medical Grade Edibles?

I had a rhinoplasty with silicone and my doctor advised me to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for the first two months in order to promote... READ MORE

Marijuana After Rhinoplasty?

I am wondering when it's considered safe to start smoking medical marijuana again after a Rhinoplasty operation, would 1 week be enough time or should... READ MORE

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