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Rhinoplasty or Fillers for Nose Tip Indentation?

The tip of my nose has become more noticeably asymmetrical and bulbous in the last few years, but the thing that bothers me most is the indentation or... READ MORE

Nose Looks Big and Wide After Rhinoplasty

I had an open Rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and I really don't like the way my nose looks. I had my nose made smaller, nostrils narrowed, made it come to a... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Realign Nose Without a Splint?

I just left an ENT's office and he said I had a broken nose. He shot some numbing agent into my nose and then used a tool to realign the bones... READ MORE

Unhappy with Rhinoplasty Results

I had a rhinoplasty on 20/01/2011,I'm so unhappy with the result,I find my nose is too short and flat,tip is pinched bridge is too curvy,doctor... READ MORE

Would a Person with a Small Bifid Indention on the Tip of the Nose Be Turned Down for a Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have a rhinoplasty consult coming up in a about a week and a half. I have a slight bifid indention running down the center of the tip of my... READ MORE

Nose Looks Different when I Look to the Right Than when I Look to the Left: is This Normal Swelling?

My nose has always looked differnt from angles,when i turned to the left, my nose looked as if it didnt have a bump ,as for the right, the bump was... READ MORE

Best way to get rid of nose crease at the tip on the nose?

So I have a slight nose crease at the tip of my nose so it kinds looks like a but and I want to know the best way to fix it to a regular round shape... READ MORE

Bump on Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had a Rhinoplasty done two months ago and wore glasses a few weeks after surgery. It seems to have left a small indent at the top of my nose bridge,... READ MORE

Visible Indentation on Bridge of Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am 2.5 weeks post op i had open rhinoplasty in Sydney, Australia and over the past few days noticed an indent on the right side of the bridge of my... READ MORE

What is This Bump on the Right Side of my Nose? (photo)

There is some sort of dent or indentation on my left side in the picture. what is this? will it go away? 2 months post op rhinoplasty READ MORE

Too Much Removed from First Rhinoplasty. Can the Nose Be Built Up?

10 months ago I paid $10,000 for open rhinoplasty in Sydney, Australia. The result was terrible and i feel that the doctor gave me his standard... READ MORE

Very Narrow Nose Bridge? (photo)

Looking into getting rhinoplasty. Young (18-24), 5'3" and 110 lbs. I have a very narrow nose bridge and indentations in between my eyes which almost... READ MORE

Permanent Indentation from Glasses After Rhinoplasty?

So I understand that you are not to regularly wear glasses after rhinoplasty for at least 4 weeks. I am 2.5 weeks and literally had them on for less... READ MORE

How Difficult is a Rhinoplasty to Fix Broken Nose? (photo)

I had a minor broken nose some time ago and I have consulted one surgeon. He said the septum is straight and the nasal bone has been fractionally... READ MORE

Did I Damage Results? Depression Marks on Nose After Wearing Goggles with Splint 4 Weeks Post-op (photo)

At 4 weeks post-op after rhinoplasty, I wore ski goggles with my splint on my nose. The splint left depression marks on my nose, and underneath I had... READ MORE

Indent Along Nostril After Rhinoplasty

I had a septo-rhinoplasty + tonsilectomy done a week ago. I saw my surgeon yesterday and mentioned that my external splint looked rather crooked, but... READ MORE

Dent Above the Nasal Tip After Rhinoplasty

Hi, after my rhinoplasty I noticed there is a depression or dent along the top of the nasal tip. My doctor has said he let the tip lift naturally.... READ MORE

Bump/indentation on my Bridge 10 Weeks After Rhinoplasty? What is It? (photo)

I can't eat or sleep because of how devestated I am over my rhinoplasty. The plan was to narrow my nose and define the tip. I now have a bump on y... READ MORE

Indentation After Rhinoplasty. Is It Easy to Fix? (photo)

I got an open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. Since the first day I noticed a dent in the tip of my nose. The doctor told me if it continues he was going to... READ MORE

Indentation Post Rhinoplasty

After my cast was removed I noticed my left side was very swollen which I expected, but the right side of my nose where my bridge meets the side of my... READ MORE

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