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Surgery for Thinner Nose with a Non-bulbous Tip?

I have always wanted a nose job but am afraid to come out looking fake. Truth is I am happy with my profile and the length of my nose. I am not happy... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Before and After Picture, is Fake or Not?

Hello, looking at pictures of before and after rhinoplasties, I found a case that surprised me, I wonder if you who know about it, could you tell me... READ MORE

How can I stop my friends from noticing my nose job? (Photo)

I decided to get a rhinoplasty this summer, i'm 17 years old and I dont want my friends to know. What do i do? do i avoid them the whole summer? will... READ MORE

My nose looks so fake after rhinoplasty. Is it normal?

Today is my 18th day after rhinoplasty and my face looks weird. My nose looks so fake. It is so clear I had surgery. I can't realize swelling on my... READ MORE

Fake pig looking nose after rhinoplasty cast removal. What should I do to make the tip drop? Will taping help? (Photo)

I insisted that I wanted a very natural change and my plastic surgeon agreed that he would not lift the tip or give me an unnatural nose. However, my... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, I have dent on either side of bridge and hard swelling in right corner of eye. Is this normal? (photos)

2wks 6 days post op. I went in for a dorsal hump removal and reshaping of tip. (drooped slightly/extra cartilage on tip) In last 4 days I have... READ MORE

Will changing the tip make the nose look unnatural or fake?

Will changing the tip of a nose make the nose look plastic surgery done. Some patients complain of uneven nostrils after surgery why are they uneven?... READ MORE

Do tip grafts look fake? (Photo)

I have read patients and surgeons say this. I want to get my bulbous tip back (cartilage was removed using a cephalic trim and sutures were used for... READ MORE

Can the bridge of the nose be made less defined after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a week ago and today the doctor took off the cast and I hated it because the bridge and tip were way too defined and just looked... READ MORE

A rhinoplasty of 2 years ago in Brazil, complete disaster and has been worsening as the time goes (Photo)

2 years ago, a rhinoplasty in brazil. the nose came out very fake, not fitting my face, I cried a lot. now two years after i am dying to fix my nose... READ MORE

Is rhinoplasty the solution to getting rid of the size of the nose tip without making it look too fake or even worse? (photo)

I've been considering rhinoplasty for quite some time but I am hesitant because I don't want to regret it later. I feel like my nose is too big, the... READ MORE

Choosing a surgeon/fear of getting botched or getting a fake nose. (photo)

How does a patient overcome the fear of getting a botched nose, even w a "trustworthy" surgeon? A surgeon mentioned to me that computer images don't... READ MORE

Nose looks upturned 2 weeks post. Will the nose drop and look less fake on face in time?

Will the nose drop and look less fake on face in time? After 2 weeks it looks too upturned and a bit fake looking. Thanks READ MORE

Will a rhinoplasty fix my nose? (Photo)

I really hate my nose. I have fillers inside it to disguise the convexities it has. I feel like the right side of my face is completely different from... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my nose without it looking too small or fake? I get frequent sinus infections (Photo)

I do not like my nose it's very wide and large it takes over my it possible to fix it without it looking too small or fake...natural more... READ MORE

Crooked and fake looking nose after rhinoplasty (Photo)

I know it's early days and I am fully aware of the healing process taking tie etc etc However I had my cast taken off yesterday and my nose looks so... READ MORE

6 weeks after rhinoplasty. Did my doctor do a bad job? (photo)

I had my rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and my mother absolutely detests the appearance because of certain features. Specifically, my doctor used goretex to... READ MORE

Can fillers be used to achieve a more natural look after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty 19 months ago and had an I-shaped silicon implant for my nose bridge and septal cartilage for my tip augmentation.My nose... READ MORE

Cast removal after rhinoplasty - results.

I have heard that the immediate removal of the cast off your nose is approximately what your nose would look like. Apparently, some time after the... READ MORE

Can I get this results with a revision? (photos)

I asked my surgeon to give me a "square" nose, like Angelina's Jolie (not as thin, but with that same tip shape). Instead I got a very pointed and... READ MORE

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