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Can Fillers Correct my Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

The left side of my nose has a dip & also veers to the left after rhinoplasty. I have been advised that a 2nd procedure will not guarantee results... READ MORE

Cartilage Graft to Fix Dip in Nose?

I'm going in for my first (and hopefully last) rhinoplasty in 2 weeks. I want a very conservative change- make my dorsum and tip more narrow and... READ MORE

Dip in Nose After Rhinoplasty, What to Do? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty over a year ago. There is still a slight bump and dip. My doctor has already given me one round of silicone injections to fill the... READ MORE

Dip in Nose After Rhinoplasty. What's a Permanent Solution?

3 months after surgery, all swelling gone & has been for a month. When swelling went away, a dip showed in my nose. Dip size is not changing. Went... READ MORE

I Think I May Have a Hole Inside my Nose After a Bang and Now Constant Nose Bleeds, How Could This Have Happened.

My nose now looks different in that it slops more to the left at the bottom very slightly and it looks like i have a bit of a dip on the bridge of my... READ MORE

Dip in Nose After Rhinoplasty. Tried Silicone Injection But Didn't Help. What to do?

I had rhinoplasty over a year ago. There is still a slight bump and dip. My doctor has already given me one round of silicone injections to fill the... READ MORE

Why is the dip in my nose cartilage rapidly getting deeper? (Photo)

46 years old now. Suffered sports trauma twice 26 years ago. Side and frontal impact. Slanted ridge in mid area for 15 years. Bump in the bone on... READ MORE

20 days post op Rhinoplasty, I have a dip in my nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

Im 20days post rhinoplasty and even though its still early but i have noticed i have a 'dip' in my right side if the nose . I think its because my... READ MORE

Nose dips and spreads when smiling?

When I am not smiling, my nose looks fine (not great). But, when I smile it spreads out and dips down. My nose is very "squishy" for lack of a better... READ MORE

Would a nose job or a chin implant benefit me ?

Ive been feeling uncomfortable about my nose for a long time. It's very wide and big and it dips when i smile. But I'm afraid to do something about it... READ MORE

I only want my dorsal hump shaved and my bridge slightly dipped. Is this possible with closed rhinoplasty?

I DON'T want a huge change. I like the frontal view of my face, but not the side profile (i.e. the dorsal hump). I do not want the doctor refining my... READ MORE

4 weeks post op open septorhinoplasty, my right nostril is deeply concerning me still. Any suggestion? (photos)

It's sits much higher than my left and dips into the bottom left corner dramatically. The right nostril I believe was shaved down on the side, could... READ MORE

My doctor did not perform an osteotomy or place spreader graphs after removing dorsal hump? (Photos)

So, I called my PS office today and received clarification that my surgeon did not in fact perform an osteotomy or place spreader graphs after filing... READ MORE

22 y/o looking to do an ethnic rhinoplasty. (photos)

I have been wanting a nose job for many years because my side profile is awful and there is a dip in my nose. I'm not sure that I want to have a thin... READ MORE

What can I do about my nose dent and dip after cocaine abuse?

I'm always blowing and picking my nose and getting headaches. Apart from stop taking drugs what should I do now. Cause I'm starting to get worried  READ MORE

The right side of my nose has a dip or scoop after rhinoplasty. Do you think it's possible to fix it?

The right side of my nose has a dip or scoope after rhinoplasty, I went to Colombia to fix it and the surgeon put something inside my nose but the... READ MORE

Red mark on my nose after septorhinoplasty, what could it be?

This red rash looking mark or splodge of pink has developed after the cast off my nose is two months post opp it gets bigger one day and the next... READ MORE

Nasal bridge dip after rhinoplasty with cartillage grafts. Is it possible my bridge will become straight again? (photos)

Open rhinoplasty 09/04/14, septum cartillage grafts used to increase projection, some tip reshaping. Before I had a large dip at supratip, now covered... READ MORE

I have a slight but noticeable dip after nose piercing. Could a nose piercing have caused this and can it be fixed?

I had rhinoplasty 6 years ago and I was delighted with the results (a bump was shaved down and the nose lifted slightly). 2 days ago I had a nose... READ MORE

Can I lower the top of my nose to make it flatter? (photos)

I hate the way my nose from the side does not have a dip. My eyes are sunken in to begin with but not having that dip throws my whole face off, and... READ MORE

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